International Week – University of Florence, Italy – 20-24 April, 2020

The School of Political Science “Cesare Alfieri” of the University of Florence is pleased to announce its third Erasmus International Week, which will be held from the 20th to the 24th of April 2020. Academic staff from partner universities will have the opportunity to give guest lectures and present their home institution to our students and faculty. It is also a valuable opportunity to improve students’ mobility and research cooperation. During that period, visiting Scholars will also have the chance participate in a series of side events, including an opening lecture (TBA).

Academics are welcome to propose lectures in a variety of topics. The lectures are mostly targeted at students from our BA and Master Programmes. The teaching language is either English or Italian. We will evaluate the content of each proposal and confirm if we can find a receiving lecturer on our side.

There is no participation fee. Participants shall use the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility programme to cover their travelling and accommodation expenses. We invite candidates to check the availability of such funding with their home institution. Please note that the Erasmus+ Teaching & Staff Mobility Programme requires visiting lecturers from partner universities to give a minimum amount of hours of lectures to be held in the host university, some of which might be given under the form of research seminars.

To apply, please fill out the application form at the this link. 

Please also send your CV to by 29 FEBRUARY 2020. We apologize for the relatively short notice. Please note that you are required to add an abstract of your guest lecture and indicate the course(s) – among those listed in the application form – that best match(es) your lecture(s).

Feel free to share this Call with anyone who might be interested in applying for it. For any other information you might need, please contact us at


V případě zájmu se obracejte přímo na zahraniční instituci. Jestliže zahraniční univerzita vaši nabídku výuky vyhodnotí kladně, kontaktuje OZS ( pro potvrzení možnosti financování výukového pobytu z programu Erasmus+ nebo CEEPUS.

Za jakých podmínek je možné realizovat výukový pobyt v rámci Erasmus+, naleznete zde.