Francie: EM Strasbourg Visiting Professorship (ViP) Program 2023/2024

Partnerská škola EM Strasbourg informovala o „Visiting Professorship (ViP) Program 2023/2024“. Zájemci, nechť kontaktují zahraniční instituci přímo.


We wish to inform you that EM Strasbourg Business School is currently recruiting international faculty for its Visiting Professorship (ViP) Program 2023/2024 (for a two-week period).

For further information on our ViP Program, please see our brochure.

Applications can be made online, in French or English, under the section “Professeurs invites” / “Visiting professors” until February 28, 2023 —>

If you have any questions, kindly contact Ms. Florence Delange —> vip@em‐