Erasmus+ Short-Term Internships

General Conditions

  • Short-term research internships abroad within the Erasmus+ programme can be completed by full-time as well as part-time doctoral students.
  • Research internships can be carried out at foreign institutions in the Erasmus+ programme countries.
  • The length of the short-term stay can be 10-30 days.
  • The financial support for a stay abroad can be received repeatedly.

 Selection of Institution

  • Firstly, every doctoral student should check with his/her faculty/department, if there are any rules concerning the period for mobilities of students – e.g. if students can go abroad only in a certain year of study, if there are some restrictions about the start/termination of the mobility, etc.
  • Each doctoral student proceeds individually when searching for a foreign institution and negotiating the conditions of stay.
  • The internship can take place in any public or private organisation operating in the labour market or in the field of education, training and youth work, in a non-profit organisation, public body at local, regional or national level, etc., i.e. in almost any body or company, with the exception of EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, including specialized agencies and organisations managing EU programmes, such as Erasmus+ National Agencies.
  • The research internship can therefore be carried out at higher education institutions, but also in other research centres, organisations and companies.
  • The tutor or the head of the department can help with the search or arrange contact at the foreign institution. They must agree with the planned mobility of the doctoral student.
  • It is also necessary to inform the respective Vice-dean for research / Ph.D. studies and the Vice-dean for International Relations of the respective faculty about the planned mobility.
  • Immediately after obtaining the consent of the above mentioned, the doctoral student has the obligation to inform the International Office (ozs [at] about his/her practical research internship and submit an acceptance letter / confirmation of admission to a foreign institution containing exact dates of the planned mobility, no later than 1 month before the start of the mobility.


  • Scholarship for a research internship at a foreign institution is provided from a grant available to VSE in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.
  • The scholarship serves as a financial support for increased costs related to the stay abroad, but it is not claimable.
Length (days) Scholarship amount Top up amount for students with fewer opportunities
until 14th day of activity 70 €/day 100 €
from 15th to 30th day of activity 50 €/day 150 €
  • The scholarship is paid out at the beginning of the mobility after all administrative requirements have been met.

Obligations before the mobility

After information about stay abroad is entered in InSIS, an electronic checklist is created, which is used as an evidence of the administrative requirements (Student’s Portal -> My College -> My College abroad).

Obligations during and after the mobility