Individual Mobility

 General conditions

  • Only full-time PhD students can apply for a financial support of VSE for a long-term study and research mobility abroad.
  • The applicant must be a full-time student at VSE for the whole duration of his/her mobility, for which he/she demands the financial support.
  • The study and research mobility must be realized at a foreign university outside the programme countries of the Erasmus+ Programme, i.e. overseas, in Russia, Switzerland, etc.
  • The minimum length of study and research mobility is 2 months; the maximum period for which VSE might provide the financial support is 6 months.
  • PhD students can receive the financial support for a long-term study and research mobility only once during their study at VSE.

PhD students of a distance/combined/external form of study must apply for a financial support for their mobility abroad some other way (e.g. at their faculty/department) or they can use other scholarship programmes outside VSE, where the form of study is not decisive.

 Selection of the institution

  • Firstly, every student should check with his/her faculty/department, if there are any rules concerning the period for mobilities of students – e.g. if students can go abroad only in a certain year of study, if there are some restrictions about the start/termination of the mobility, etc.
  • Each student must find, address and set the conditions for his/her mobility with a foreign institution individually.
  • If you need help, the tutor, the head of the department or its members, the Vice-dean for research or for international relations of the respective faculty can help you to find or to mediate a contact with a foreign institution.
  • You can also find inspiration in InSIS in Reports about the abroad placements, where you can find the institutions where PhD students realized their study and research mobilities. (You can use the filter and choose e.g. the faculty, field of study, level of study, etc.)

Application for financial support

    • The applications for financial support for long-term study and research mobilities must be submitted to Pavlína Šenk Kopecká (office RB 549) at the International Office, who will hand them over to the Vice-rector for international relations.
    • The application must be submitted 1 month before the start of the mobility at the latest.
    • The supporting document of the application is the approval of the tutor, head of the department and the Vice-dean for international relations of the respective faculty. (The application form for download can be found below.)
    • Obligatory attachments of the application:
      • 1. Motivation letter in Czech or in English;
      • 2. Acceptance letter/confirmation of admission to a foreign institution, containing the exact dates of the planned mobility.


  • If the application for financial support is approved, the applicant receives the letter of decision about the award of the scholarship.
  • The successful applicant for financial support receives a scholarship in the maximum amount of 20.000 CZK / month of stay.
  • Financial support for long-term study and research mobilities is provided from the Scholarship fund of VSE. (In case of funding of the mobility from other sources, it might be decided to even up the amount up to 20.000 CZK / month.)
  • The successful applicant receives the scholarship at the beginning of the mobility to the bank account that the applicant stated in InSIS. The bank account must be of a Czech financial institution. (Scholarship is paid in CZK.)
  • If the mobility takes more than 4 months, the scholarship is paid in two instalments. The payment of the second instalment is related to the submission of the progressive

 Responsibilities before and after the mobility

  • After information about study abroad is entered in InSIS, aelectronic checklistis created, which is used as an evidence of the administrative requirements. (Student’s Portal -> My Studies -> My Study Abroad.)

  1. Progressive Scholarly Report

  2. Confirmation of Study Period

  3. Copy of Travel Documents

  4. Assessment of the Mobility by Academic Staff

  5. Final Report in InSIS

  6. Final Scholarly Report