Guest Professors

The participation of foreign academics (guest professors) at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) is a priority for the school’s leadership. For scholarly departments, guest professors are the foundation for the development of cooperation in teaching and scientific research.


Basic Information

If you want to grant an extraordinary bonus to a guest professor from the Vice Rector for International Relations’ allocated resources, request is submitted by a representative of the VŠE faculty/department to the Vice Rector’s Secretariat at least 2 months before the arrival of the guest professor. The Guest Professor’s Form signed by the faculty Vice-Dean for International Relations can be sent by email to: jana.pulkrabkova [at]

Guest professors can be granted an extraordinary bonus from the Vice Rector for International Relations’ allocated resources in the form of a contract of employment if all the following rules are respected (valid for the 2023/2024 academic year):

  • The guest professor is an employee of a foreign university. An exception can be granted by the Vice Rector for International Relations for university lecturers in retirement;
  • The guest professor will teach a course accredited with at least 3 ECTS;
  • Teaching take place over at least 3 days;
  • At least 10 students from non-tuition Czech-taught programs or foreign exchange students must be registered for the course;
  • The course must be offered in the InSIS registration system;
  • The course is taught in-person; the approval of the dean is required for online courses and the bonus will be reduced;
  • The guest professor is not a Czech citizen;
  • Any guest professor from a non-EU country has a valid visa;
  • The guest professor can only be rewarded for a single course/semester.

VŠE also offers to reimburse accommodation costs for the guest professor at the University Hotel at the Jarov dormitories for one week from the budget allocated to the Vice Rector for International Relations. Lodging at the University hotel can be provided if the guest professor guarantees teaching a complete accredited course (not individual lectures or seminars). VŠE does not reimburse accommodations outside the University hotel.

The guest professors can use offices in the Rajská budova (RB 526, RB 538, and RB 542) during their entire stay.

The latest information/forms/detailed procedures related to guest professors can be found on the Vice Rector for International Relations’ SharePoint site.

Resources from the Fulbright Commission, FRVŠ, bilateral agreements within the Erasmus+ program, various foundations, etc. can be used to finance guest professor’s stay. In this case it is necessary for the guest professor to check the conditions for the use of these resources at their home university.

If the incoming faculty/department is interested in including the guest professor’s course into the offering for foreign exchange students, please contact the International Office (exchange [at]

The faculty/department, in cooperation with the Pedagogical Department (or the faculty’s system integrator) will assure the addition of the course into the InSIS system: the dates, information about the guest professor (registration and syllabus).


Contact person

The contact person at VSE is Ing. Jana Pulkrábková (Assistant to the Vice Rector for International Relations)

email: jana.pulkrabkova [at], tel: 224 095 799, office: NB 156