Traineeships Abroad

Traineeships abroad during the studies at VSE are currently open to students of all VSE faculties.

Nevertheless, the conditions at each faculty might differ – at some faculties only students of a specific level of study or a specific programme can participate, at some faculties only traineeships in the Erasmus+ programme countries are offered, at other faculties students can go also outside Europe with a financial support at different levels. There are also differences in credit value of the courses for which the traineeship is recognised into VSE studies.

All details including the contact persons are available on the special webpages/intranet of each faculty.

FFA: only for students of the master programme MIFA – Master in Finance and Accounting
FIR: Internships
FBA: BBA Internships; MIMG Internships; CEMS MIM Internships
FIS: Odborná stáž v zahraničí (website only in Czech)
FE: Internships
FM: Professional Internships

Tips for searching a traineeship abroad

The search of a traineeship abroad is done on an individual basis, the following information resources might be used:

Experience of students

Marek Pokorný (FIR) – CzechTrade Paris, France

Many people have told me that it is not possible to go abroad during the COVID pandemic, and when I do it, I will not enjoy it at all. Reality? Yes, my journey was more like a roller coaster ride than a prudent Parisian walk, but I experienced much more. It was surprising from the very beginning, as the German border with the Czech Republic closed just before I left in February. It was necessary to cancel a cheap bus ticket and travel by air. Before working at CzechTrade, I needed to improve my French a bit. Thanks to the cold in my apartment, I had the opportunity to practice my French with electronics retailers about suitable heating soon after my arrival. I had an even better lesson of French next day. I had to complaint the heating, because right after the first connection, it “exploded” in my apartment. My feelings in those moments would surely be defined like culture shock, but I would rather call it a bad luck…

But during the first month I discovered the beauty of Paris with everything. Typical weekend demonstrations, daily routine in the form of buying fresh baguettes, confusing road traffic. I began to feel like a real Parisian. When it warmed up, I joined active runners in the Luxembourg Garden, where it was no exception to meet vital 80-year-old runners. With quality French food, I finally came to their savoir-vivre. 😉

When I was fulfilled with the French atmosphere, I switched to the Czech island, which is located on 18 rue Bonaparte. This house was the seat of the provisional Czechoslovak government before the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918, and that is why I always entered here with due respect. The work at CzechTrade was diverse, although often responsible – from a checking of the post to an important conference, the purpose of which was to connect the Czech manufacturer with potential French customers. During the internship, I often began to realize how important is the role of CzechTrade as well as Czech Centers and CzechTourism offices in the world. We can be justifiably proud of their great work. 😊

I would like to tell other students not to hesitate and not to give up their dream destinations under any circumstances. Ideal conditions will never occur and it is a shame to let such an opportunity pass through your fingers!