Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)

The Blended Intensive Programme is a new feature of the Erasmus+ programme. It is an international short-term intensive course with innovative teaching methods that combines physical and virtual activities.

The HEI can participate in the programme either as a coordinator (a host institution) or as a participant (a sending institution).


Definition of BIP

  • An association of at least 3 higher education institutions from 3 different Erasmus+ programme countries
  • Combination of a physical mobility of 5-30 days and a virtual component (length not specified)
  • Participants can be students at all levels of study, academic and administrative staff
  • The institution is involved either in the role of coordinator (i.e. designing and coordinating the programme) or in the role of participant (sending participants to a programme provided by the coordinating institution) of the programme.


Participation of VSE students in an international BIP programme

Based on a faculty selection procedure, VSE students or employees may participate in a programme organised by a foreign institution.

  • The length of the physical activity within the short-term combined mobility is 5-30 days, the length of the virtual activity is not limited (but must be implemented)
  • The mobility is financed from the allocated E+ budget and the financial support is calculated on the basis of the expected duration of the stay:
    • Day 1-14: 70,- EUR/day
    • 15th – 30th day: 50 EUR/day
  • Students with limited opportunities are eligible for travel costs and other financial support.

The financial support is only to partially cover the costs, it is only a contribution to the increased costs associated with the stay abroad – the student is expected to contribute financially. The period of online mobility is not financially supported by Erasmus+. Financial support is only granted for the physical mobility period.

Organisation of the BIP programme at VSE

Programmes are designed and coordinated at the faculty level. On the basis of the proposed programme, the faculty is then allocated funds from the Erasmus+ programme.


  • partners are at least 3 higher education institutions (ECHE holders) from 3 different Erasmus+ programme countries (EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey)
  • A minimum of 15-20 participants from sending institutions
  • participants can be students or staff
  • Home students/staff may also participate, but are not counted as compulsory (number not specified)
  • the programme consists of a physical mobility of 5-30 days and a virtual mobility, where the duration is not specified
  • a minimum of 3 ECTS must be allocated to each BIP
  • supported by a valid inter-institutional agreement (a template of the agreement in the dowload section below)


BIP financing

Coordinating institution

The organiser of the selected BIP project is allocated OM/OS funding of between EUR 6,000 and EUR 8,000 depending on the number of mandatory participants (15-20) in the programme. The funds are intended for the preparation, design, development, coordination, implementation and follow-up of the BIP, in particular for:

  • preparation of training materials
  • rental of premises and equipment
  • communication activities, translation and interpretation
  • preparatory visits and administrative tasks
  • refreshments (coffee-breaks) during the programme
  • trips and excursions included in the programme
  • remuneration for teachers, trainers and administrative staff


BIP process



The contact person at the International Office for short-term intensive programmes (BIP) is Ing. Jana Snížková, jana.snizkova [at]

Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)