Learning Agreement

Study Agreement – a tripartite agreement between a PhD student, VSE and a partner university – approval of courses that will be studied by the PhD student at a partner university abroad. Learning Agreement has to be approved before the departure, changes to courses can be usually made after the arrival at a partner university.

  • The responsible person who approves Learning Agreements at VSE is the respective tutor of the PhD student/ head of the department/ Vice-dean for international relations/ Vice-dean for research / Vice dean for doctoral studies.


LA Before Mobility – Study and Research Mobilities

PhD students fill in Online Learning Agreement for Studies.

  • Student will receive an email from support@erasmusapp.eu with a link to his/her online profile.
  • Student needs to set a password, to fill in all the required data into the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) including information about the courses he/she will be studying at a partner university abroad (table A) and the groups of courses in the study plan into which these courses will be transferred at VSE (table B).
  • Student will sign the Learning Agreement online (by means of a mouse or a touchpad) and will send the document for approval. The responsible person at VSE will either approve the document by his/her signature, or give back with comments. Finally, a partner university will sign the Learning Agreement online.
  • Learning Agreement signed by all three parties must be uploaded into checklist in InSIS in PDF format before the signature of a Grant Agreement.


LA Before Mobility – Internship

PhD students fill in Learning Agreement for Traineeships in paper form (the document can be downloaded below).

  • In LA Before Mobility, PhD students fill in programme of traineeships, monitoring and evaluation plan, etc. of his/her internship (table A). In table B, he/she states how the internship will be recognized into his/her study plan at VSE. Finally, in table C, he/she fills in information about the conditions of his/her stay at the foreign institution.
  • Learning Agreement signed by all three contracting parties has to be uploaded into Checklist in InSIS in PDF format before the signature of a Grant Agreement. (The original document is not required, a scanned copy is sufficient.)


LA During Mobility

  • Learning Agreement During Mobility contains changes to the approved study plan / internship stated in LA Before Mobility.
  • The completely signed document has to be uploaded into Checklist in InSIS no later than 14 days after the end of the mobility.