Transfer of credits

In accordance with the Study and Examination Rules of VSE, students are obliged to apply for a transfer of credits into their study plan at VSE. Students must apply for a transfer of credits by the end of the semester following the semester spent abroad. Study abroad mediated by VSE must be recognized in full, i.e. all courses completed successfully will be recognized and for all courses failed, the corresponding number of credits will be subtracted from registration coupons.

How to apply for transfer of credits
  • Upload your transcript into your checklist in InSIS (Student’s portal -> My College Abroad -> Checklist). International Office will verify its authenticity (the document has to be sent directly to the International Office by email or be otherwise verifiable).
  • Fill in the courses from your transcript (including the failed courses) in the app in InSIS (Student’s portal -> My College Abroad -> Learning Agreement – Study plan Abroad) in the table Courses of the individual study plan for abroad  – changes made (include the course code, course name, number of ECTS).
  • Courses to be recognized into your VSE study (as agreed in your LA), should be inserted in the table Courses of the individual study plan at home being completed abroad – once completed, click on Modify and fill in the result (grade), type of group to which the courses will be recognized, the course name and study language.
  • Number of ECTS in both tables („Courses of the individual study plan for abroad” and  „Courses of the individual study plan at home“) should equal.
  • When the application is complete, send it to the Contact Center using the „Apply for Recognition button“ (you can also attach supporting documents – e.g. approval of the course guarantor in case of compulsory courses).

The detailed step-by-step description of the application process for FIR students, including examples, is on the faculty intranet and is also available in the dowload section below. Regarding the groups of courses, students of other faculties should follow the instructions of their Vice-deans, as the groups and their codes differ at each faculty.


Groups of courses in the study plan at VSE

Courses studied abroad are usually transferred into a group of elective courses of a major specialization (faculty electives) or a group of optional courses (general electives).

If you want to recognize a course studied abroad into a group of compulsory courses of a major or minor specialization, you need to consult your Learning Agreement not only with a Vice-dean, but also with the guarantor of the respective subject at VSE.

For the purpose of transfer of credits into the study plan at VSE, unused registration coupons for the respective groups of courses, eventually spare registration coupons, are used.


Transfer of credits

ECTS credits are usually not converted in any way and are transferred in the same amount as assigned by a partner university, eventually in an amount modified by a Vice-dean (e.g. due to technical reasons, half credits are not possible to enter into the study system, it is therefore necessary to round them off).

If a partner university does not use the ECTS system, credits will be converted according to the rules of the partner university that are usually enclosed to student’s Transcript of Records, or will be converted by a Vice-dean. The recommended credit conversion guide of non-ECTS credits is in the download section below.


Transfer of grades

The decision about transfer of grades is fully in a Vice-dean’s competence.

If a student passes a course at a partner university, VSE does not examine if the student passed the course also according to Study and Examination Rules of VSE (i.e. student does not have to achieve at least 60 % of points as stated in the article 13 of the study rules), or if the exam has been passed on the first attempt.