How to Apply

  • Students fill in the application form electronically in InSIS (Student’s portal -> My College -> My College abroad -> Submit exchange programme application).
  • You are applying as a student of a certain field of study. If you study at VSE more than one field of study, make sure you apply as a student of that field of study within which you would like to go on exchange.
  • You do not have to submit the application immediately after you have filled it in. You can save your application, edit it and submit it later.
  • Each student can fill in only one application form in InSIS. If you are not satisfied with the current application, you cannot cancel it and fill in a new one. If you have already submitted/cancelled the application but you want to edit it, you can ask the VSE International Office to reopen your application. The VSE International Office can reopen your application only before the deadline for submission of applications.
  • After the deadline for submission of applications, you cannot edit your application, except for a deletion of some university. You can do so by the date of the written language test at the latest.
  • In the application form, you can have as many universities as you like. The order is important – the higher preference of a university, the higher position in the application form.
  • The selection of a preferred semester is not binding and it is not taken into account during the application period. The semester can be changed afterwards.
  • If students cannot prove the B2 level during the application period, they must choose “Language Test” as a proof of language knowledge in the InSIS application. After the end of the application period, they will be automatically registered for the next language test.
  • After the application form is filled in, and all the eventual attachments (e.g. language certificate etc.) are uploaded into the application form, it is necessary to submit the application.
    • If an applicant proves the language knowledge by the completion of an exam/study at another institution than VSE and the document has more individual parts, the student have to merge them into one PDF and upload it as an attachment.
  • Study results, proof of language knowledge by completion of a language course at VSE, non-language courses studied in foreign language at VSE, and participation in the Buddy Programme, will be uploaded automatically into the application form in InSIS.
    • You will see the points for study results in InSIS after the deadline for submission of applications.
  • 10 extra points for selected certificates are not uploaded automatically after the submission of an application. The points are uploaded after the VSE International Office have checked the application and it was verified that a copy of the certificate was submitted.
  • If the points for participation in the Buddy Programme or for completion of non-language courses studied in foreign language at VSE are not uploaded automatically into the application form, or if the applicant wants to get points for non-language courses studied in foreign language at another institution than VSE, he/she needs to send an email to .

Stages and Status of the Application

“WORKED UP” You edit the application. The application is not submitted. The following step is usually submission.
“CONCLUDED” The application has been submitted. You can cancel this application.
Before the deadline for submission of applications, the VSE International Office can reopen the application for editing.
“CANCELLED” The application is not taken into account. However, it is saved in the system.
You cannot start filling in a new application.
If you cancelled the application by mistake, the VSE International Office can reopen it for editing.
“COMPLETE” no The application has not been checked by the VSE International Office yet. The application has already been checked by the VSE International Office. The number of points for data submitted in the application is final. Only such application will be further taken into account.
yes The application will be marked as complete after all the attachments, study results and all the missing data stated in the special form will be checked, and after the results of the language test/examination at language department will be uploaded (if applicable).
“DIDN’T ATTEND” The application of a student who did not attend the written language test/examination at language department. Such application is not further taken into account.