Photo Contest 2022: Photography exhibition & student voting

The VSE International Office invites you to the exhibition of the student photographs from the Photo Contest 2022. The exhibition is taking place in Atrium of the Rajská Building from 31 October until 20 November 2022.

The expert jury with doc. Ing. Stanislav Horný, CSc. as the head has chosen the following photographs: 

  • 1st place: Gabriela Hampelová (FBA) – „Change of perspective“ (Austria) 

Author’s comment: Nothing is objective, we all perceive the world through a filter, formed by our beliefs and past experience. Erasmus and living abroad, stepping into the unknown helps us see the bigger picture, open our eyes to more explanations and become more understanding face to face with cultural context. Funny thing is, you don’t realize the ‘filter’ is there, until you take the glasses off. 

  • 2nd place: Barbora Kučerová (FIR) – „Better than TV“ (Norway) 

Author’s comment: The photo was taken during our 5 days long trip to Lofoten Islands. We were trying to catch the nothern lights for several days already and we felt quite dissapointed, because we were not successful at all. Surprisingly, when we gave it up the last night, they appeared all over the sky. 

  • 3rd place: Magdaléna Petrášová (FIS) – „What’s at the end?“ (Netherlands) 

Author’s comment: That was the day I was just wandering around my favourite city, Tilburg. I saw an open door to a square and stood there in surprise. 

International Office voted for: 

  • International Office Prize: Martin Hvězda (FFA) – „Reflection“ (USA) 

Author’s comment: This photo was taken in Summit One Vanderbilt, NYC. Firstly, I did not want this photo to participate in the contest, because it was a really random photo I took when I first got to the top of this skyscraper Summit One (just to send my family a photo of what I was doing and where I was at that time). But the longer I look at the photo, it appears to me more fascinating. It somehow reflects the chaos and beauty of NYC itself.

You can see all the winning photosHERE. 

The student voting for the best photograph is open throughout the duration of the exhibition. All current VSE students can vote via this form. The winner of the student voting will be announced after the end of the exhibition. Three selected voters will be awarded a prize.

A total of 125 students took part in the contest this year and submitted 353 photos taken during their exchange stay or internship in AR 2021/22. Finally, 85 photos by 62 authors got to the second round. You can also view these photographs online.

We would like to thank all the students who sent us their photographs to the Photo Contest 2022, and congratulations to the winners!