Learning Agreement for Traineeship

Learning Agreement for Traineeship is a tripartite agreement between the student, VSE and the receiving organization/enterprise. The student must enter into the agreement before finishing his/her study at VSE!

  • The responsible person who approves the Learning Agreement for Traineeship is the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator (Ing. Dana Brázdová).


Learning Agreement Before Mobility

  • In LA Before Mobility, students fill in the programme of traineeship, the monitoring and evaluation plan of their internship, etc. (table A), and information about the conditions of their stay at the foreign institution (table C).
  • Learning Agreement signed by all three contracting parties, has to be uploaded into the checklist in InSIS in PDF format before the signature of the Grant Agreement. (The original document is not required, a scanned copy is sufficient.)


Learning Agreement After Mobility

  • LA After Mobility is a confirmation of the traineeship period and it contains an evaluation of the traineeship from the receiving organization/enterprise.
  • The completely signed document must be uploaded into the checklist in InSIS no later than 14 days after the end of the mobility.