Erasmus+ Teaching mobility

Erasmus+ supports teaching periods at higher education institutions (HEIs) abroad. It is not possible to participate in conferences while on a teaching placement.

Who can participate: academic employee of VSE.

Where: Teaching opportunities are available to an academic staff at an institution in Erasmus+ Programme CountriesReceiving institution has to be a foreign HEI with which VSE has an Inter-institutional agreement for the exchange of academic staff.

Duration: A teaching period must last a minimum of 2 days (usual length of teaching mobility of VSE academic staff is 5 – 7 days).

Number of teaching hours: the minimum is 8 hours per week or any shorter period of stay. (Combination of teaching and training activity with 4 teaching hours per week or any shorter period of stay is also possible.)

The Erasmus+ grant is calculated according to Erasmus+ conditions. Financial support is allocated for the days when teaching takes place and the amount of the grant per day depends on the placement country. In addition to that travel days (1 day before activity abroad and 1 day after activity abroad) can be added to the duration of the mobility period and included in the calculation for individual support. Erasmus+ travel support is set according to the distance from Praha (or Jindřichův Hradec in case of Faculty of Management) to the target city according to the calculator on the European Commission website.

Please be aware of the fact, that it is not possible to cover a conference from this programme.

  • Required documents BEFORE mobility:

Erasmus+ documents: Mobility Agreement – Staff Mobility for Teaching and “Participant Grant Agreement” (PGA is prepared by OZS).

“Travel” documents: “Travel order” (cestovní příkaz) which is available in the university staff system signed by the academic staff member and a head of the sending department. Travel insurance is organized by VSE on the basis of the signed “travel order”.

  • Required documents AFTER mobility:

Erasmus+ documents: Confirmation of mobility period signed by the host university.  Within 14 calendar days from the end of the mobility, the participant must  complete the online Final Report in the “Beneficiary Module” European Commission database. An email request with a link to the online form is sent to the teacher at the end of the mobility automatically.

Travel billing: To account for expenditures in


Contact person

For further information please contact the contact person at VSE for mobilities of academic staff: Radka Vaváková, International Office, radka.vavakova [at], 224 098 554