Erasmus during the Corona Times (WS 2021)

Exchange programme continues in the academic year 2021/2022 as well. Mobilities during the Fall semester are slowly approaching towards their end and most students are already back from their stay at prestigious partner universities abroad.

There are preventive measures across the world and at many partner universities the teaching is being delivered at least partially online. Many students had to start their exchange by obligatory self-quarantine. However, that does not mean that the exchange is not beneficial or that students are not able to enjoy it. On the contrary! We are happy to receive mostly positive news from abroad and we hope it stays that way. You can read through the positive feedback from the exchange abroad during the pandemic in Europe or overseas on respective webpages on the left.

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Compared to previous semesters, we have also started a new series of students’ takeovers on regular basis, when selected students are in charge of our IG stories during one day so they can share their experiences and tips from their study abroad. We are saving all takeovers on our Instagram profile, so that our students can always be inspired by them. The number of posts is still increasing, so you can look forward to something new each week!

Do you want to share with us your experiences from your exchange as well? Write us at, our FB or IG and send us your posts, we’ll be happy to share them with other students!

And if you would like to know how the exchanges were affected by Covid-19 in previous semesters, check posts from students during SS 2021 and WS 2020.