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PhD Programmes in English

Here you can find information about study programmes carried out in the English language.

Academic Year 2018/2019

The deadline for applications including all obligatory enclosures and other required documents:
May 15, 2018

The online application form will be accessible from April 1, 2018


Awarded degree: Ph.D.
Programme duration:

standard duration is 3-4 years depending on programme;
maximum duration is 5 years

Starting date: October
Tuition fee:

5.000 EUR/academic year



Study programmes

At University of Economics, Prague, you can choose from 6 faculties offering 8 study programmes divided into 15 study branches. All of the study branches can be studied either in English or in the Czech language.

All the branches are offered in two modes of study:

  1. On-site mode - students attend the consultations and workshops, take part in research work and teaching activities and perform other duties according to the Study and Examination Regulations.
  2. Distance/combined mode - students are expected to work on their own to a large extent, therefore they do not attend the lectures or seminars daily, only meet their tutors for consultations and to sit the exams.

More about the offered study programmes can be found in Doctoral Studies Brochure (pdf file).



Topics for Doctoral Theses

Can't decide which programme or study branch to choose?
Have a look at these lists of offered topics for doctoral theses and choose the most suitable one for you.

When you find a topic you are interested in, contact a tutor listed next to the topic and find out if they are available (a tutor can supervise about 5 students only).



Recognition of previous studies

Admission to a doctoral study programme is conditional upon the proper completion of studies in Bachelor’s and Master’s study programme. If you have completed your education abroad, your Master’s degree has to be recognized in the Czech Republic.
More information about this process can be found at Recognition of Higher Education and Qualifications Acquired Abroad web page.

As this process can be quite time-consuming, it is advised to begin as soon as possible.




In order to sit the entrance exams it is necessary to fill in and send an application. Applications are to be submitted in electronic form; an appendix together with all the necessary enclosures are to be submitted in paper form.

A link to the application form can be found here: Application Form

The appendix can be downloaded here: Appendix to Application Form for Doctoral Study

The documents that are to be sent in paper form consist of:

  1. Short curriculum vitae,
  2. List of publications with a short annotation and possibly an expert's reference attached,
  3. Scientific paper on the intended topic in accordance with the requirements of the given faculty (for more information see Information on the entrance examination)

Above mentioned documents are to be sent to study coordinator for doctoral study at the chosen faculty. Names of study coordinators can be found in Doctoral Studies Brochure.

An application fee is charged for applying. The amount of the fee is changed every year – for academic year 2018/19 it is 50 €. You will receive all the necessary information concerning the payment to your email address after submitting your application.

Deadline for sending applications: 15th May, 2018



Entrance Examinations

After successfully applying for admission and meeting all the requirements you will receive an invitation to sit the entrance exam.

Each faculty has its own requirements for the entrance exams which usually consists of an exam of the major specialization and a language exam. For more information see Information on the Entrance Examination (pdf file).

The date and time of the entrance exam will be specified by study coordinators. The usual date is in late June, in some cases it is possible to attend the alternative date in September. Please contact the study coordinator to consult the possibility of attending the exam on the alternative date.



Enrolment and tuition fee

Admission to the doctoral study programme depends on successfully applying and passing the entrance examination. You can be enrolled in a study programme after receiving a confirmation of admission to studies. Enrolment usually takes place at the end of September.

Doctoral study programmes held in the English language are charged 5 000 € per year. More information can be found in document Tuition Fee.

Doctoral study programmes held in the Czech language are free of charge, however, you have to be able to study and sit the exams in Czech.


Bonus info: Accommodation and other useful information

If you choose the on-site mode of study, you are eligible to receive residential accommodation and even some scholarships.
More information about accommodation options can be found on the International exchange office website:

If you are interested in finding out more information concerning foreign students at VŠE or living in the Czech Republic, see International exchange office websites. However, be aware that Buddy System does not apply to PhD students, so in case you come across any problem or you have a question, contact either your study coordinator or Ms. Sabina Zukalová at Office for Science and Research.



Links and Download

Here you can find links to all necessary documents and websites which you will find useful.
Don’t forget to check our FAQ (pdf file, updated September 2014).



Contact person

For more information please contact Ms. Sabina Zukalova at the Office for Science and Research.