Erasmus during the Corona times – a Look Back at AY 2020-21

AY 2020-21 was extraordinary in many ways and brought, besides other things, limited travel possibilities. Despite this, almost 500 VŠE students spent their semester abroad (152 in WS 2020 and 312 in SS 2021). At the same time, more than 300 students from abroad spent their exchange at VŠE.

Even though the instructions were conducted mostly online, students evaluated their last years’ exchanges abroad as an amazing – both life and educational – experience. Their experiences and photographs are shared on the website Erasmus during the Corona times, on Instagram vse_studyabroad and on Facebook VSE Study Abroad. It was also their enthusiasm that contributed to an enormous increase in applications for exchanges in the following academic year – in the February round, the number of submitted applications exceeded the number of last years’ applications, which were submitted back in “before Corona” times, by more than 200.

At the moment, we are expecting arrivals of more than 350 students from abroad in WS 2021, and, at the same time, approximately 480 VŠE students are going to one of our more than 250 partner universities abroad. We currently organize information lectures and seminars for both groups of students, which should prepare them for their studies abroad. We wish them a safe journey and we believe that this semester will already be without major restrictions.

More information about applications for the Exchange Programme Abroad can be found here.