Best photo of the Photo Contest 2018 according to the students’ voting

Student photo exhibition from the Photo Contest 2018 organinized by the International Office took place at Atrium RB between Nov 12 and 23, 2018. There were shown VŠE students’ photos from their studies and internships abroad in the academic year 2017/2018.

All VSE students had a chance to vote for the best photo of this year’s edition during the photo exhibition. They decided that the photo ‘Blessed by a Buddhist Monk‘ by student Kryštof Berka was the best. Congratulation!


SUM UP of the Photo Contest 2018:

101 students (with 260 photos) participated in Photo Contest this year. During the exhibition were shown the best 85 photos by 63 authors.

The official results of the Photo Contest 2018:

  • 1. Anna Alekseeva – „Stereotypical stereotype“ (France)
  • 2. Tereza Čípová  – „Rybář z Costa da Caparica“ (Portugal)
  • 3. Alexandra Klačková – „Mysterious palms“ (Peru)
  • Honourable mention: Tereza Mohelníková – „A bird’s-eye view of Hong Kong“ (Taiwan)
  • Honourable mention: Jana Nerečová  – „In the pipeline“ (Portugal)
  • Honourable mention: Monika Pleskačová – „Když zamrznou bažiny…“ (Latvia)
  • Best photo according International Office: Nikola Židková – „Vancouver Aquarium“ (Canada)
  • Best photo according to the student voting: Kryštof Berka – „Blessed by a Buddhist Monk“ (Hong Kong)

All winning photos are available here.