Learning Agreement (LA) – Erasmus+

Study Agreement – a tripartite agreement between a student, VSE and a partner university – approval of courses that will be studied by the student at a partner university abroad. Learning Agreement has to be approved before the departurechanges to courses can be usually made after the arrival at a partner university. Learning Agreement must include subjects worth at least 20 ECTS, preferably 20-30 ECTS.

  • The responsible person who approves Learning Agreements at VSE is the Vice-dean for academic affairs and/or the Vice-dean for international relations of the respective faculty, eventually the Program Director in case of some programmes taught in English.
  • More than a half of the courses must be taught in the same language in which the student applied for the study abroad programme.
  • All courses must be transferable into the student’s study plan at VSE.
  • Students going on Exchange within the Erasmus+ Programme fill in an Online Learning Agreement (for students going on Exchange from SS2019 on). Some partner universities might require their own specific form.
  • Learning Agreement signed by all three contracting parties (i.e. a student, VSE and a partner university) has to be uploaded into Checklist in InSIS in PDF/jpeg/word format before the signature of the Grant Agreement.


  • Student will receive an email from support@erasmusapp.eu with a link to his/her online profile.
  • Student needs to fill in all the required data into the pre-filled Online Learning Agreement (OLA) (which can be found at https://learning-agreement.eu/), including information about the courses he/she will be studying at the partner university abroad and the groups of courses in the study plan into which these courses will be transferred at VSE. Both parts of the study programme, i.e. tables A and B, must be filled in and the number of credits in both tables must correspond (see instructions here).
  • Student will sign the Learning Agreement online (by means of a mouse or a touchpad) and will send the document for approval. The Vice-dean will either approve the document by his/her signature, or give back with comments. Finally, the partner university will sign the Learning Agreement online and the document will be complete.
  • Student can download the Learning Agreement as PDF in his/her profile (in any stage of the process). The PDF signed by all three parties must be uploaded into checklist in InSIS (the checklist is created after the International Office receives an Acceptance Letter).

If the partner university does not accept OLA, contact your coordinator at the International Office for further instructions.