Rakousko: Call for teaching mobility at MCI 2023/24

Partnerská škola Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) nás informovala o nabídce výukové mobility pro ak. rok 2023/24. Případní zájemci se obrací přímo na školu v zahraničí. V případě přijetí je potřeba si ověřit možnost financování z programu Erasmus+ na OZS (radka.vavakova [at] vse.cz). 


MCI is happy to send you a list of courses available for Teaching Mobilities for the next academic year (Fall 2023/24 (October 2023 – December 2023) or Spring 2024 (March – June 2024)).

We at the International Relations Office are organizing each semester an international program for our incoming students. Along with internal faculty who hold these classes, we also like invite faculty from our partner universities to teach some of them.

Some basic information on the International Program:

  • Courses within this program are offered to both our incoming Bachelor students and our incoming Master students. So, in order to have a common ground, the level of the class should be Bachelor’s level
  • the topic should be rather broad, so everyone is able to participate equally, even if they do not necessarily come from a Business/Management background. We are offering these courses to all incoming students across all our study programs at MCI.
  • Classes should equal 3 ETCS and can have between 28 – 32 teaching units (1 teaching unit = 45 min).
  • Classes will be blocked and take place within one week

Specifically, we are looking for faculty to teach the following classes:

  • Intercultural Communication
  • International Marketing
  • (International) Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behaviour

However, we are also open for other course suggestions, as long as they fit into the criteria above (rather broad topic, bachelor’s level).

To apply please complete course proposal form and send it with your CV to martina.schwab@mci.edu . The deadline for receiving proposals and CVs is Sunday, 12 March 2023.