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If you are enrolled in one of the VSE international degree programmes, check the website of your programme or ask your programme coordinator if there are any rules, obligations and/or opportunities specific to your programme. These specific things could be for example:

  • It is compulsory to spend a certain period during your studies abroad. If this is the case, it will usually also be defined when (in which phase of your studies), where (to which partner universities) and under which conditions (e.g. how many credits you need to gain abroad) you can go. (IDS, CEMS, EGEI)
  • There is some special study abroad opportunity reserved for students of your programme, such as a double degree programme. (IB)
  • A study period abroad is not compulsory nor there are any special opportunities reserved for students of your programme, however, if you wish to go abroad, you can do this only in a certain phase of your studies. (IBB, BBA, ECON, ISM, QEA, MOS, MIMG, IB)
Please follow information regarding study abroad period/exchange programme according to which degree programme at VSE you are enrolled in:

Bachelor Programmes

Master Programmes