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University of Rijeka – possibility of CEEPUS teaching mobility

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Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management of University of Rijeka would like to invite academic staff  for CEEPUS mobility in the summer semester 2018.

They are looking primarily for faculty members in the field of Business Administration, Tourism and Economics who hold Ph.D. and teach topics of: Quality Management, Sustainable Development Management, Cost Benefit Analysis, Management Of Human Capital, Management Accounting, Enterprise Taxation, Responsibility Accounting, Foreign Direct Investment and Tourism, Managerial Economics, Strategic Accounting in the Hospitality industry, Logistics Of Tourist Destinations, Ecotourism, Management of EU projects and Cultural Tourism. They are ready to take in consideration all application of faculty members who teach other courses in the field of Business Administration, Tourism and Economics.

They will be accepting a CEEPUS freemover application of teachers for summer semester 2017/2018.


For more information about incoming procedure: https://www.fthm.uniri.hr/index.php/ia-home. Deadline for CEEPUS online applications: November 30th, 2017.


Further information about CEEPUS could be found here.


Contact person:  Kristina Črnjar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, e-mail: kcrnjar@fthm.hr