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FEP-Porto: ERASMUS+ Call for Teaching Mobility

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Vážení vyučující,

School of Economics and Management, University of Porto (FEP-Porto) opět nabízí v rámci programu Erasmus+ možnost zahraničním pedagogům z partnerských univerzit ucházet se o výukový pobyt. Podrobnosti naleznete v dopise zaslaném OZS níže. V případě zájmu se obracejte přímo na zahraniční instituci.

Jestliže FEP-Porto Váši nabídku vyhodnotí kladně, kontaktuje OZS (radka.vavakova@vse.cz) pro potvrzení možnosti financování výukového pobytu z programu Erasmus+.


Dear Partner

With a view to better organize teaching mobility under the ERAMSUS + framework, FEP-Porto kindly asks you to send proposals for teaching mobility for the academic year 2016/17, as this type of proposals coming from our partner schools is a way to promote tighter collaboration between HEIs and future research works.

Once the proposal arrives, our regular procedure is that we contact a teacher responsible for the field of expertise to analyze if we can prepare a programme of seminars during the teacher’s stay, so he/she can lecture to our students. In order to help us define the right teacher that we should contact internally, I kindly ask you to check in this document http://info.fep.up.pt/fotos/editor2/spmi/in/Course%20lists.pdf the list of courses that are offered in English at FEP; if you click on the course you see its syllabus. You can also have a look at the Master Programmes in English (see the links below). I kindly ask you to please inform in the proposal to which subject you find your research could be appropriate.

In case you find a possible match, we will then have to contact the faculty member to assess the proposal and for that we also ask each proposal to be accompanied by the researcher’s CV as well. Please let us also know in which period you would be more available to visit us.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals.

Best regards,

Ana Paula Ribeiro

Local Erasmus Coordinator

aribeiro@fep.up.pt, www.fep.up.pt


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