Freemover, Summer Schools


Individual VSE faculties offer a financial support for study abroad (for 1 semester) to students who individually find and address a university abroad of their field of study, and with the approval of their home faculty at VSE and of the university abroad, they arrange their study abroad individually.

The Freemover programme is not the same as the Exchange programme, which is mediated by VSE. The Freemover programme is not based on an exchange of students. It is your own individual mobility, i.e. study abroad that you arrange individually in accordance with your field of study and for which you can get a financial support from your faculty, if you fulfil set conditions. If students must pay tuition fees at the university abroad, you will need to pay them as well.

After you have been admitted to a university abroad as a freemover, please forward your Acceptance Letter and a completely signed Study Abroad Course Plan (available for download below) to the VSE International Office (


Summer Schools

Students find and address a professional summer school and they arrange their short-term study abroad individually.

If the organizer of a summer school is a partner university of VSE that offers its summer school as part of the exchange programme between both universities (often indicated as nomination), it is not possible that VSE accede to this principle (because applicants for summer schools are not selected by VSE).

The VSE International Office publishes on its website only offers of organizers that ask VSE/International Office to promote their offer. There is, therefore, not a complete overview of all summer school options.

The recent offer of summer and winter schools can be found here.