• If no partner university is allocated to an applicant, he/she is placed on the list of substitutes for the respective language of study.
  • If a student applied in two different languages and no partner university was allocated to him/her, he/she is placed on the list of substitutes for both languages.
  • There are no lists of substitutes for individual universities.
  • If a student was selected to study at a partner university and he/she refused this particular spot, he/she is not placed on the list of substitutes.
Addressing substitutes
  • The substitutes are after the termination of the selection procedure (it might be several months after the selection procedure, during summer vacation, or in autumn) addressed with the additional offer of available spots at partner universities. In this offer, there might be also universities which the applicant originally did not state in the application.
  • All students who are on the list of substitutes are addressed with all the additional offers of available spots by the moment when a spot is allocated to them. In this moment, the student is not on the list of substitutes anymore and he/she will not be addressed with any other offer of available spots, i.e. even if he/she decides to cancel the exchange.
  • The substitutes to whom no partner university has been allocated yet, are addressed with additional offers also in the case that they did not answer to any other previous offer – i.e. they can wait until their preferred university appear on the list, without being eliminated from the list of substitutes. The additional spots occur progressively – e.g. because new contracts are concluded or because students, who were selected to study abroad, might cancel their exchange.