Special Grant for Students from Disadvantaged Socio-Economic Backgrounds

Students may apply for increased financial support for students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, provided that before their departure they submit a document that confirms that they are entitled to child benefit and that the income of the family in the previous year, decisive for the benefit, did not exceed family living minimum multiplied by a coefficient of 2.7.

Ask your coordinator individually or the International Office at ozs@vse.cz to provide you with the application form. The documentation must also include a translation of the confirmation to Czech (this does not apply to confirmations in Slovak) and the document must be certified in the form of an apostille or superlegalisation.

The application with all the necessary attachments has to be delivered to the International Office (always check the news section on the website for deadline!). For more information, contact ozs@vse.cz.


  • Amount: 200 EUR / month of stay


Switzerland, overseas and Russia
  • Amount: 5.000 CZK / month of stay