Additional Funding for Students with Physical, Mental or Health-related Conditions

Additional funding is available for participants with special needs. The final grant may therefore be higher than the regular grant to offset the specific difficulties faced by the student (such as adapted accommodation, travel assistance, medical attendance, supportive equipment, adaption of learning material, an accompanying person for students and staff with disabilities).

Students have to fill in an application form describing disability/special need and additional requirements it entails, as well as a detailed cost estimate of the financial support they will need.

The application is to be submitted via the International Office. Deadlines for mobilities realized in the winter semester are usually in summer, for mobilities in the summer semester usually in winter. The exact dates are published on the International Office website in the news section. The additional financial support is not claimable and is not granted automatically, the application is subject to individual assessment. All applicants will be informed about the outcome.

After the termination of the mobility, it is necessary to account the usage of this special grant, i.e. to submit relevant bills/invoices to prove particular expenses arising from your specific health-related situation that have been covered by the special grant during your study abroad. If the student does not use the entire grant, he/she must refund the unused part.


How to apply:
  1. Ask the International Office at ozs [at] cz to provide you with the application form.
  2. Fill in the application form (electronically) and sign it.
  3. Add the following supporting documents:
    • medical report,
    • disability identification card (a copy) – if you are a holder,
    • Acceptance Letter from the host university (a copy) – confirming that the host university is aware of your health condition, eventually a copy of your communication with the host university proving that the university is informed about your health condition,
    • Learning Agreement (a copy) – signed by you, VSE and the host university.
  4. Submit the filled in and signed application form with all the supporting documents to the International Office by the respective deadline.

If you have any questions, contact the International Office at ozs [at]

If you plan to send the documents by post, please, inform us in advance.