Scholarship/grant account

 Scholarship/grant account

Students do not have to provide accounting documents proving e.g. travel, accommodation, or food expenses, etc. (except for students who received additional funding for students with physical, mental or health-related conditions).

  • It is necessary to comply with the length of stay and its purpose/content: i.e. study at a partner university at a predetermined time (the length of stay and the amount of scholarship are calculated with regard to the exact number of days) and of previously approved courses, for which (if completed successfully) student will gain required number of credits.

If the mobility is shortened or if a student does not gain the minimum number of credits (the previously agreed content of Learning Agreement), the student will return a proportional part of the received scholarship. In accordance with the Study and Examination Rules of VSE, students must gain minimum of 20 ECTS during a semester spent abroad.


 Confirmation of Study Period – Switzerland only

= confirmation of the accurate duration of the stay. The first and last date of the mobility confirmed by the partner university should correspond to the first and last academic duty of your stay. A scan of the document has to be uploaded into Checklist in InSIS no later than 14 days after the end of the mobility. The form is available for download in the Download section.