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Selection procedure for master exchange

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The selection process is organised only once per year (February - March) for the whole upcoming academic year. It has 1 round. Allocation of preferred destinations to applicants is based on number of points.

The results of the selection process (the allocation of exchange destinations to particular students) will be announced in March. Selected students will be nominated to partner universities by the coordinator of VŠE International Office.

After nomination, you will have to apply directly to the partner university; applicant must meet all application requirements and the deadlines.



study results (average grade) 50 points
* confirmation by delivered certificate; IELTS 6,5 and higher, TOEFL ibT 87 and higher. The certificate must be valid. 5* points
courses studied in foreign language (other than Czech) 20 points
participation in the Buddy programme at VŠE 10 points
Total maximum: 85 points


Study results / average grade: 

It is the weighted average grade calculated taking into account the grades you achieved during your bachelor studies (only if you have studied at VSE) and those you achieve during your first IB semester. The maximum is 50 points (if your average grade is 1.00), the minimum is 0 points (if your average grade is 3.00).

Language knowledge/skills:

  •  All applicants have to prove level of knowledge of the language they are planning to study abroad at B2 level according to CEFR (only native English speakers are exempted from this rule, if they want to study in English). 
  • The proof is typically an international language exam certificate/diploma (e.g. TOEFL ibT ≥ 72; IELTS ≥ 5; FCE; CAE; BEC Vantage/Higher; bachelor programme in English, etc.) valid in the time of the exchange term.
  • For English, you can get the 5 points more if you have: IETLS ≥6,5 and higher, TOEFL≥ ibT 87 and higher. The certificate must be valid in the beginning of study at a chosen university.
  • Please note: some of the partner universities might have specific requirements concerning exchange students language knowledge, i.e. do expect exchange students to have a certain international language exam/certificate unless they are native speakers of the language in question. Information about these specific requirements is included in the catalogue of exchange destinations. If such requirement exists, you will have to present a copy of the respective language certificate already when submitting your exchange application to VŠE.

Participation in the Buddy Programme at VŠE:

10 points can be gained pending on participation before or latest in the winter semester 2016.

Courses studied in foreign language(s):

  • Non-language courses; foreign language(s) mean other language(s) than Czech/Slovak. 
  • 1 course = 10 points, 2 courses = 16 points, 3 or more courses = 20 points (maximum). 
  • Even if you are applying for exchange studies in a different language than English, the courses taught in English do count 
How to apply:
  1. Fill in an online application via the Information System (InSIS) Student Portal (My study->My study period abroad->Submit exchange programme application). There are unfortunately some limits of the English version of the application system. Number of selected destinations is not limited (list the preffered universities according to your preferences). You can choose universities in a maximum of 2 different languages (e.g. English and French). You will also indicate either the Winter or the Summer semester: please remember that IB students can choose only Winter semester (third IB semester). 
  2. The application has to be submitted online (in InSIS) with all necessary attachments uploaded. It is not necessary to print it.

Enclosures/supporting materials:

  • CV in English (and in the other foreign language you would like to study abroad, 1 page only).
  • Motivation letter which explains the choice of each university in the application. The lenght of the motivation letter is not limited. In the motivation letter you should describe your motivation to study at chosen universities.
  • Copy of your language knowledge certificate(s) or other documents proving your language skills.
  • A copy of your bachelor diploma supplement or transcript of records (students who got their bachelor diploma at VŠE are exempted from this requirement).