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Selection procedure for bachelor exchange (3rd or 4th year)

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The Exchange Programme selection procedure is organized only once per year (beginning of summer semester) and is always related to the next academic year. Its detailed schedule is announced in autumn (October/November), application period usually runs at the beginning of the relevant summer semester.

The selection process has 1 round. Allocation of exchange destinations to applicants is point based. The results of the selection process (the allocation of exchange destinations to particular students) will usually be announced at the beginning of April.

Students selected for exchange will then be nominated to partner universities by the appropriate coordinator of VŠE International OfficeAfter nomination, you will have to apply for exchange directly to the partner university; applicant must meet all application requirements and the deadlines.


Round 1 Study results (percentile) 100 points
Participation in the Buddy programme 10 points
Language knowledge test 30 points
Maximum 140 points


  • Study results / average grade:

By the term “Study results” we mean an applicant’s percentile score, which is computed within the applicant’s faculty and year of study (i.e. it compares an applicant with all his/her classmates studying at the same faculty within the same year of study).

Every student can find the percentile on our Information system, via Student’s Portal -> E-study record -> Study results comparison -> Percentile calculated from faculty and years.

  • Participation in the Buddy Programme at VŠE:

10 points can be gained depending on participation before or latest in the Fall semester 2017.

  • Language knowledge/skills:

All applicants for exchange have to  prove that they have a certain level of knowledge of the language(s) they are planning to study in when abroad.

The language test is an internal part of the selection procedure, all applicants have to write it. (should you miss the test, you would be excluded from further course of the selection process).

There is just one test date and hour and your presence in the test room is a must.

Please note: some of the partner universities might have specific requirements concerning exchange students language knowledge, i.e. do expect exchange students to have a certain international language exam/certificate unless they are native speakers of the language in question. Information about these specific requirements is included in the catalogue of exchange destinations. If such requirement exists, you will have to present a copy of the respective language certificate already when submitting your exchange application to VŠE.

If the applicant proves low language knowledge in the language test, VŠE reserves the right to request a check on the student's language level at the VŠE Language Department, respectively not to send the student abroad.

VŠE also reserves the right not to send abroad a student who does not meet the requirements (eg. Academic or language) of the host institution, for which he was selected.

How to apply:

  • Online application:

Fill in an online application via the Information system (InSIS) -> Student Portal (see section My study -> My study period abroad -> Submit exchange programme application).

Only bachelor students (enrolled as „regular full-time students“) at their 3rd or 4th term at VŠE can apply.

Number of selected destinations is not limited. You can choose universities in a maximum of 2 different languages (e.g. English and French). 

You will also indicate either the Winter or the Summer semester: please remember that undergraduate students should choose only Winter semester (5th semester) because of the time needed to transfer the credits after their return and to have enough time to get ready for the final exam and to complete the bachelor thesis.

The application has to be submitted online (in InSIS) with all necessary attachments uploaded. It is not necessary to print it.

  • Enclosures/supporting materials:

CV in English and, if applicable, in the other foreign language you would like to study in when abroad.

Motivation letter in English and, if applicable, in the other foreign language you would like to study in when abroad. In the motivation letter you should describe your motivation to study at chosen universities.

How to choose the destination:

Firstly, you should consider what would be the language of your study abroad.  Bachelor Exchange Programme offers the following languages: English, German, French and Spanish. Please do remember that you will always have to write a language knowledge test of the language(s) you wish to study in when abroad.

Carefully check the academic offer of the universities of your interest in order to see if the courses you could take there as an exchange student are compatible with your programme.

Give some thought also to financial matters. Bear in mind that even if you are not going to pay any tuition fees to your host university and VŠE is going to support you by a scholarship/grant, you will be expected to pay your study programme fee also for the semester to be spent abroad. The scholarship will never fully cover the costs related to your travelling and living abroad during your exchange semester.

When considering the countries where you would like to spend your exchange period, do not forget to consider the visa conditions that apply to citizens of your home country.