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Exchange Programme for VSE students

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Students whose programme’s curriculum does not include a compulsory study period abroad, are usually welcome to use the study abroad opportunities that are available to VSE students in general. However, as mentioned above, it is always important to check on your programme’s website or with your programme coordinator if there are any rules or conditions related to spending a study period abroad that would be specific to your programme.

What is the exchange programme

The programme is carried out on the basis of agreements on mutual exchange of students signed between VŠE and partner universities abroad. The main principles of each agreement are partnership and reciprocity. Currently, VŠE has 230 partner universities in Europe, Russia and overseas, and sends abroad around 700 exchange students annually. Exchange students do not pay any tuition fees to the host/receiving university (students pay the usual tuition fee to VŠE), but at the same time they receive from their home university a financial contribution (scholarship/grant) meant to help to cover the increased costs of living related to the study period abroad. During the study period abroad you do not interrupt your studies at VŠE and after you return, the courses you studied and the credits you gained at the host university will be academically recognized by VŠE (transferred into your studies at VŠE).

Applications for Exchange Programme 2018-19 (see Schedule bellow) will be submited ELECTRONICALLY via InSIS (it is NOT necessary to print them and bring to the International Office). In case of any questions regarding the submission, contact International Office (


International Office contact


Lists of study abroad options

note-4-64x64 Administration before and after the mobility


Selection procedure for Master students 


Selection procedure for Bachelor students 


Schedule of the selection procedure for exchange programme in AY 2018/2019