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Administration before the mobility

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There are several steps that have to done before leaving to a partner university:

  1. Nomination
  2. Application (not for EGEI students)
  3. Letter of Acceptance
  4. Learning Agreement
  5. Payment of tuition fee at VSE
  6. Bank Account Details Form (only for Europe except Switzerland)
  7. OLS (only for Europe except Switzerland)
  8. Grant Agreement (only for Europe except Switzerland)

This step is done by the International Office coordinator or programme coordinator. It is the announcement of student's details to the partner university.


After the nomination the student is contacted by the partner university with further information regarding the application. It is necessary to send the application by the deadline set up by the partner university.

Letter of Acceptance

After the student applies succesfully, he/she receives a Letter of Acceptance which can be in the form of a letter/PDF or just email confirming that the student was accepted. The student has to give a copy of/send via email the Letter of Acceptance to his/her coordinator at the International Office. (EGEI students: the International Office receives the Letter of Acceptance from the programme coordinator)

Learning Agreement

Student has to prepare and respect Learning Agreement: a study plan approved by both home and partner university; the approval of VSE is given only if the courses to be studied abroad are compatible with the curriculum of the programme you are enrolled in at VSE; after you return to VSE, application for course recognition must be submitted. Learning Agreement signed by the student, partner university and VSE (respective Vice-dean or programme director) must be uploaded into Insis (Checklist) before the student comes to sign the Grant Agreement. Learning Agreement can be downloaded in Download section.

Responsible persons at VŠE
to sign/approve Learning Agreement

VŠE programme

 Mr. Vojtěch Krebs (Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs)  Bachelor of Economics (ECON)
 Mr. Radek Čajka (Vice-Dean for International Relations)

 Bachelor of International Business (IBB)

 International Diplomatical Studies (IDS)

 Mr. Ladislav Tyll (Programme Director)

 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

 International Management (CEMS)

 Master in Management (MIMG)

 Ms. Ludmila Štěrbová  (Programme Director)  International Business (IB)
 Ms. Marcela Žárová  (Programme Director)  Master in Finance and Accounting (MIFA)
 Ms. Kristýna Vltavská (Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs)

 Information Systems Management (ISM)  

 Quantitative Economic Analysis (QEA)

 Master in  Official Statistics (MOS)

 Ms. Zuzana Křečková Kroupová  (Programme Director)  Economics of Globalization and European Integration (EGEI)
Payment of tuition fee at VSE

Before payment of the financial grant the student has to pay the tuition fee for his/her programme at VSE. Especially if the student is going abroad for the winter term, it is necessary to pay the tuition fee at VSE before the student comes to sign the Grant Agreement.

Bank Account Details Form

This document is necessary to hand in (two signed originals) only in case that the student is going to european country (except of Switzerland) in frame of the Erasmus+ programme. Students going to other countries (Overseas, Russia, Switzerland) receive the grant on the account registered in Information System (InSIS). Bank Account Details Form can be downloaded in Download section and must be handed in personally or sent via regular post to International Office.

OLS - Online Linguistic Support

This applies to the student only in the case that he/she is going to european country (except of Switzerland) in frame of the Erasmus+ programme. OLS is an online language test (in language of study abroad) comparing the level of the language before and after the mobility. Student receives the link with login details via email. An online language course during the period abroad can be offered to the student based on the results. It is obligatory to participate if the student does not reach the level B2 in the OLS test before the mobility.

Grant Agreement

This applies to the student only in case that the student is going to european country (except of Switzerland) in frame of the Erasmus+ programme. The Grant Agreement can be signed after all above mentioned obligations are done. If it is not possible for the student to come to the International Office personally, the student has to contact his/her coordinator via email. The draft of Grant Agreement can be downloaded in Download section.