Learning Agreement During Mobility – Erasmus+

changes to LA Before Mobility. The completely signed document (by student, the partner university and the respective Vice-dean at VSE) has to be uploaded into Checklist in InSIS no later than 14 days after the end of the mobility. If there are no changes to subjects, student does not fill in the Learning Agreement During Mobility.


  • Student fills in the Online Learning Agreement During Mobility in his/her online profile.
  • The change in number of credits in table A and B must correspond.
  • Student will sign the Learning Agreement online (by means of a mouse or a touchpad) and will send the document for approval. The Vice-dean will either approve the document by his/her signature, or give back with comments. Finally, the partner university will sign the Learning Agreement During Mobility online and the document will be complete.
  • Student can download the Learning Agreement as PDF in his/her profile (in any stage of the process). The PDF signed by all three parties must be uploaded into checklist in InSIS.

If the partner university does not accept OLA, contact your coordinator at the International Office for further instructions.