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University ID card

What is the difference between ID card and ISIC card?

University ID card

Exchange students for one semester will receive a university ID card (290 CZK).

ID card possibilities that enables:

  • Electronic wallet (paying for printing, copying and scanning)
  • Paying in canteen
  • Borrowing books in the library
  • Enter into library and study rooms


ISIC card

In order to receive ISIC card (370 CZK), the student has to be a student at our University at least one year (ISIC card can be offered to full year Exchange students). The function of the ISIC card is same as described above. However, students can also use discounts in specific shops or restaurants (more information about discounts with ISIC card at If the full year student does not want to have the ISIC card, he can get university ID card.  


What to do if my purse with student ID card was stolen/lost?
You have to go to the SB22 where the new student ID card can be issued. You have to pay the same amount for the new card as at the beginning of the semester.