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University Facilities

Computers and printers

My notebook is a macbook (Apple computer). Is it compatible with the university facilities?
The macbook is able to connect to the eduroam network (wireless network at university), all the web applications are compatible. The iprint application sometimes makes problems during the inicial instalation, however, it should be fine afterwards. In case of ongoing problems, the Helpdesk in room 22SB can help.

Where can I print, copy or scan documents at the university?
First of all you need to charge money to your ID card. Then you can print, scan or copy at the VŠE campus (see the details below). You can also find some copy centers on the way to the tram station Husinecká, where you can print, scan or copy documents.




Computers available for students

Computer room SB18

capacity 50 spots (cca 6th+13th week not available – exams)

Computer rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor in the Old Building (SB)

not available in time of lectures


Copy and scan center


print and scan for fees

Computer room on the 1st floor -> office SB101

printers are located behind the shade

Card recharge

ID cards management – SB22



Library can be found in the Old building. 

For more information and updates, please visit CIKS website.

Documents for the Academic Year 2017-2018
Document title Format Download
Guide to the VSE Library PDF 2017_GuideToTheVSELibrary



Is there an on campus canteen? How much does a meal cost?
Yes, there is an on campus canteen. There are two donated meals a day per student. The cost of a donated meal is approx. 40 CZK. In the canteen on campus, however, there are non donated meals on offer as well. These meals tend to cost 50 - 80 CZK. For more information see this page.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found at VSE In case you have lost any of yours personal belongings at VSE premises, go to “Lost and Found” in room NB19 with your ID card and some Czech speaker (i.e. your Buddy) to ask for it. In case you have found something, follow the same process as described above.