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Public Transport

Public transport card

Public transport payment rate in Prague depends on student's age (see below).


Paper pass (coupon)


Lítačka (electronic card)


Age of a student

Up to 26

Including 26 and more

Up to 26

Including 26 and more

Prices per month

260 CZK

550 CZK

260 CZK

550 CZK

Administration fee

20 CZK

Express: 200 CZK

Online: 50 CZK

In 2 weeks: 100 CZK

Where to get it?

Centrální dispečink DPP, Na Bojišti 5, Praha 2 (metro, tram and bus station I.P.Pavlova)

What do I need?

  • ID/passport
  • ID size photo (will be returned after scanning)
  • ID/passport  
  • ID size photo (will be returned after scanning)

After getting the card, go to the counter where you can charge the card for the given period according to your age.

You need following documents:


Cheaper and easier to purchase

Even if you lose Lítačka card, your name and tariff is still in the database thus you do not lose the money!

Useful websites

Ticket inspection

Transport inspectors are authorized to check the validity of your travel document. They prove their authorization by showing an inspection badge. The surcharge for travelling without a valid travel document has been set at 1500 CZK; if it is paid on the spot or within 15 days, it is reduced to 800 CZK.