14.5.2018 - 22.6.2018 - Exam period Spring semester 2018

11.6.2018 - 28.8.2018 - Pre-registration of courses


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EU citizens

This website provides information for students accepted to join the Exchange Programme at the University of Economics, Prague (VSE) in the Fall Semester 2018. We would kindly like to ask you to read this information carefully.

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Online Application to the Exchange Programme at VSE - General Info

Application Dates & Procedure

  • Start: students informed by email
  • Deadline: May 30, 2018 at 23:59 CEST
  • Procedure: is to be done in InSIS (see below)


Integrated Study Information System (InSIS)

  • Before Arrival: Application, Course Catalogue, Syllabi, Course Timetables, Course Registration
  • During Your Stay at VSE: Coursework Submission, Exam Registration
  • After the Mobility: Final Grades
  • Site address: InSIS
  • Username and password: sent to the student's email (provided by the home university) 


Online Application to the Exchange Programme at VSE

Application to Exchange programme - add personal details

  • Mandatory 
  • Important: Carry out the Application with special attention
  • Guidelines: Student Application Guide
  • InSIS section: My Studies



Good to know about the online Application

  • NO confirmation that you completed the Application
  • When you enter the site again, you should see the info you added before
  • In case you are not sure about something, you may also consult the FAQs
  • Wrong way: „Study application form“ - used for applications to VSE full degree programmes, not the Exchange Programme (not subject to admission fee). If admission fee is paid, it is not refundable.


Personal Data Check

  • Check your name and surname (as provided by your home university) are in the correct order including middle names and spelled exactly the same way as in your passport/ID
  • Check that your date of birth is correct and the day and month are in the correct order.
  • Personal data displayed on documents issued by VSE for grant purposes
  • Available here
  • In case of discrepancies in your personal data contact exchange(at)


Letter of Acceptance

  • After Online Application has been filled in correctly and completely and processed in InSIS
  • Ready for download from the Document Storage in InSIS
  • Can only be downloaded by the student
  • Student will be notified by email



  • All info provided by the dormitories at their website 
  • Careful with the deadlines!
  • Exchange students who apply and pay the deposit on time: a reserved place in the dormitory
  • Not mandatory to stay in the dormitories
  • VSE does not provide any help with non dormitory accommodation


Course offer for Fall Semester 2018

  • Provisional list of courses for Fall Semester 2018: published during April 2018
  • Final list of courses available in the course registration period (June 2018)
  • Lists of courses for the Fall and for the Spring semester tend to be similar
  • For current course offer refer to this website
  • More details: List of Courses for Exchange Programme
  • Course Registration Process: complex, described here


Academic Calendar

  • Students are required to attend the Orientation Week, which starts on Friday, September 7, 2018.
  • Whole Academic Calendar available here


Facebook Group

International & Study Abroad Fair

  • During the Fall semester, we host the International & Study Abroad Fair - an informal event where local and foreign students can exchange their experience with studying abroad
  • Feel free to bring anything you think others might find interesting about your home university or the country of your origin
  • Date of the event will be specified (usually end of November/beginning of December)