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Living outside the dormitory

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For living outside the dormitory, you have to consider owner´s offer of short term or long term accommodation. It entirely depends on the owner which term he is able to offer you.

Make sure that university provides every student with accommodation at the dormitories, therefore we are not able to give you a help hand with searching and arranging accommodation outside the dormitories.

To give you some idea of what is available and for how much, here are some current listings:

  • Zizkov, Prague 3, flat 1+1, 45 m2,furnished, English speaking landlady, 10,000 CZK /month + utilities
  • Karlovo nam., Prague 2, newly decorated, fully furnished apt 4+1, 190 m2, sauna, 3 toilets, big storage, parking place, 2,750 euro/ month incl. utilities
  • Praha 1 - centre, small flat 1+0, 9,000 CZK

Note: Agents usually charge a fee of one month's rent for a one-year lease. However, if you take it for a shorter term, you can negotiate a lower fee.