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Administrative Requirements

Here you can find some practical information about the before, during and after the mobility procedure:

Application ProcessOnline Application • Personal data check • Acceptance package • Learning AgreementEnd of the semester procedure

Application Process

Are there any language requirements or certificate for the Exchange Programme?
No, there are no language requirements. We trust our partner universities in nominating students with adequate language knowledge (B2 level recommended).
Does the University of Economics, Prague provide students with an university e-mail?
Yes. An University e-mail account has been created for you in the following format: (use your username as indicated in the very first e-mail with the log-in details). How to access the e-mail account, please refer here.

Please, bear in mind the University e-mail account is the main account to which you receive all important information from VSE. Thus it is important to check it regularly or to set up a forward to your personal email.

Online Application via university information system (InSIS)

I cannot find my Application to exchange programme - add personal details once logged in into InSIS. What should I do?
Go to the section My studies and there is a little arrow in the right corner of this box. Please, click on it and the option: Application to Exchange programme – add personal details should appear there.

What is the difference between the Address and the Permanent residence?
Address - Use the following form to enter information regarding permanent residence - this column requires your address which you indicate for administrative purposes (i.e. the address where you are registered in your home country). For instance, in the Czech Republic, this address in written in the ID card.

Permanent residence (Czech Republic) (compulsory) - here you should indicate whether your permanent residence is in the Czech Republic. If so – tick yes, if not – tick no.  Usually, the Exchange students have their permanent residence in their home countries that are different from the Czech Republic.

What is an „emergency number“?
 A phone number of your family member that can be reached in case of any accident. Do not forget to enter the international code of the country.

What is a telephone format = area code?
A number prefixed to an individual telephone number: used in making long-distance calls. The system requires the international code of the country, for example for a Canadian number: +1 647 454 3114 or 001 647 454 3114 and for the Czech: +420 … … … or 00420 … … …

How can I apply for the University dormitory?
You can apply for the dormitory accommodation via the information system ISKAM only. A room will be reserved for you since since February 1, 2017 for the Spring Semester 2017 OR since September 13, 2017 for the Fall Semester 2017. Nevertheless, a deposit must be paid in advance otherwise the place will not be guaranteed.

It is up to you if you arrive on February 1/September 13, 2017 or later. (Note: highly recommended event called Orientation Week starts on February 6, 2017 in the Spring Semester and on September 18, 2017 in the Fall Semester 2017). 

The section housing in the InSIS online Application serves only for assess the demand for the dormitory accommodation. It is not a binding application.

For more information about the University dormitory, please go here.

How can I upload a photo to my online application?
The „Enter photo“ bookmark can be found right next to „Basic information“ (a section where you entered all you personal data) bookmark – both of them are located in „Add personal details“ in your online application in InSIS.

What kind of photo should I upload?
Passport photo. If you do not have one, these are the features the photo should have:

-  the photo should be taken in front of a light plain background
-  the photo should be in color
-  taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
-  the photo must show a full head
-  with a neutral facial expression and both eyes open
-  the photo must be clear, sharp and in focus

How do I agree with using my personal data in the application?
You agree by clicking on "save entered information" button at the bottom of the page.

Do I have to do anything else apart from adding my personal details and pasting a photo by the end of November (for the Spring Semester) or by the end of May (for the Fall Semester)?
No, there is nothing you would need to do. Please bear in mind that those, who need to apply for a VISA has their deadline for additing personal details earlier. For the deadline, please visit here.

Personal data check - what is necessary to check in your online application

The date of birth
The day, month, and year when you were born (DD.MM.YYYY)

Personal code
The personal code is issued for all exchange students due to Czech law requirements. The only thing which is needed to be checked is the date of birth in the format: DD.MM.YYYY

Example: For boys with the date of birth: 13.02.1990 the certificate number is: 900213/ as generated according the law requirements. For girls with the date of birth: 13.02.1990 the certificate number is: 905213/ as generated according the law requirements. Girls have to add 50 to their month of birth. It means that if you are born on February (2nd month of the year, you have 52 in your certificate number). If you are born on November (11th month of the year, you have 61 in your certificate number)

Name and surname
Please check if your name and surname are spelled correctly and aren’t switched.

Type of study
It's necessary to check that you were nominated as a bachelor or a master student.

How /Where can I check that this information is correct?
The way is: InSIS system -> log in the personal administration -> Information system set – up -> Personal data check. If there is a mistake, please let us know via email ( as soon as possible.

Within the personal data check I am asked to give my bank connection. Should the bank be the one I have currently in home country?
The bank connection is meant for those students, who study at VSE within regular Programmes and via this bank account contact students receive their scholarship from VSE. Thus, it is not necessary to fill in the bank details for Exchange students.

What is a Contact Address?
You need to indicate your contact address, i.e. the address where you currently live (can differ from your permanent residence address).

Acceptance Package

When do I get my Acceptance package?
EU Students: The Acceptance package is sent to the home University after the Online Application has been completed, including uploading the photo! The Acceptance package for EU Students is sent in an electronic version only. Non-EU Students: The Acceptance package is sent to the home University during October (for the Spring Semester) or May (for the Fall Semester).

What does the Acceptance package contain?
EU Students: 1) Welcome Letter from the International Exchange Office 2) Letter of Acceptance 3) Buddy System Letter (information about Buddy System at the University)

Non-EU Students: 1) Welcome Letter from the International Exchange Office 2)  Letter of Acceptance 3)  "Jednotné potvrzení o studiu (in Czech)" - document confirming your study in the Czech Republic ("Confirmation of Study") 4) "Doklad o zajištění ubytování (in Czech) " - document confirming your accomodation in the Czech Republic ("Proof of an Accommodation") 5) Buddy System Letter (information about Buddy System at the VSE) The Letter of Acceptance is in both - Czech and English. The both documents "Jednotné potvrzení o studiu" and "Doklad o zajištění ubytování" are in Czech ONLY. These documents are required by the Embassies in this language version.

How to Fill in the Learning Agreement (LA)?

What are the requirements to fill in the LA?
Name of the Receiving Institution: University of Economics, Prague

Faculty/Department: [leave blank]

Address: Winston Churchill Sq.4, 130 67, Prague 3

Country: Czech Republic (CZ)

Erasmus code: CZPRAHA09

Responsible person in the Receiving Institution: Daniela Slámová / Karolína Kaslová

Position of the responsible person: Incoming Exchange Student Coordinators

Email: (please when mailing us, always undersign yourself with your full name)

Telephone: +420 224 098 547 / 00420 224 098 547

How can I correctly fill in the Learning Agreement (LA)?
 The European Commission released the new version of the Learning Agreement. This LA should be more user friendly. The International Office filled in a muster to help you with this procedure.

A specimen can be found here. An empty form can be found here.

Where can I print, copy or scan documents at the University?
First of all, you need to charge money to your university ID – you can do it in the library or in SB22. Then, you can print, scan or copy in the VSE Library (the Central Library) which is located in the VŠE area in Žižkov, in the mezzanine of the Old Building (SB). You can also find some copy centers on the way to the tram station Husinecká, where you can print, scan or copy documents.

What does the End of Semester Procedure require?

The Confirmation of Study period

The Confirmation of Study Period form is different for every single university. First of all, ask your home University if there is a specific form for you.

If so, bring it to the Exchange office within the Visiting Hours. If not, we have a general form (download here) that we can confirm.  Do not forget to fill in following information:

  • Enter your name as well as the name of your home University
  • Name of (hosting) University: University of Economics, Prague
  • Your first day at our University is the first day of the Orientation Week (see the actual Academic calendar on our website) unless you arrived later.
  • Your last day at VSE is the last day of your exam, i.e. when you were physically present at the University - having an oral exam or writing a test.


The Transcript of records will be issued when all your grades from all the courses are uploaded in InSIS. After that, we have it printed and signed and we send it to your home university via post.

Please, take a close look at the Accommodation Agreement (see the related webpage) and follow the rules related to the notice period. In general, do not forget to pay all the debts and return the keys. If all your debts are not paid, the Transcript of Records cannot be issued.

Do not forget pay all your debts in a library. If the financial liabilities are not met, the Transcript of Records cannot be issued.