Financial Support – Overseas and Russia

 Basic Information

The exchange of students between VSE and its partner universities in Russia or overseas is not realized in the frame of some international programme but is based solely on individual agreements between universities. Based on these agreements, students do not pay tuition fees at VSE partner universities. In addition, they receive a grant for study abroad from VSE. Scholarship is not claimable.


 Grant for study abroad

VSE provides the grant for a study abroad in Russia or overseas from the Scholarship fund of VSE, eventually from other resources, in the following amount:

  • 10 000 CZK for each month of stay (the length of the mobility is calculated taking into account every ½ month of the academic calendar of the partner university)
  • plus 10 000 CZK as a one-off grant for air ticket/visa.

Students who were selected to spend a semester abroad at a partner university in Russia or overseas will receive this grant automatically.


 Payment of the grant
  • The grant is transferred to the bank account stated in InSIS. The bank account must be of a Czech financial institution.
  • Currency in which scholarship is paid: CZK.
  • The grant is paid in a single payment before/at the beginning of the mobility.

Some VSE faculties provide a supplementary grant from their faculty scholarship fund for students who were selected to spend a semester abroad.

 Special Grants

Students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds or students with special needs might apply for a special grant that enables to gain funding for extra expenses relating to their specific health-related or socio-economic situation.


 Other funding options
  • Students might gain an additional scholarship directly from their VSE faculty, depending on the study abroad destination. (Up-to-date information is to be found on the website of the specific faculty and/or at the Vice-deans for academic affairs and international relations.)
  • Sometimes, it is possible to get funding directly from the host university, from the embassy of the host country in the Czech Republic or on the respective portal “Study in…”.
  • Additional funding might be also gained from some organization/institution/fund/foundation supporting study abroad (some tips can be found here).

∗ Not applicable for students of CEMS