11.6.2018 - 28.8.2018 - Pre-registration of courses


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Are there any language or certificate requirements for the Exchange Programme?

No, there are no language requirements. We trust our partner universities in nominating students with adequate language knowledge (B2 level recommended).

Do you offer Czech language courses for foreigners?

Our main purpose is not a language school education. However, we do offer at least one basic Czech course for our Exchange students. 

For more information about courses, please refer to the List of Courses.

Which courses do you offer for Exchange students?

To see the exact offer, please refer to the List of Courses.

The List can change multiple times because new courses can be opened. For the Fall semester the final List is available in June (when the pre-registration begins) and for Spring semester in January (also when the pre-registration begins). The course offer tends to be relatively stable in both Fall and Spring semesters, however, it may differ slightly according to the current offer. 

Where can I find a course syllabus?

The course syllabus and time schedule can both be found in InSIS. Here is a simple guide, how to find it in there.

  1. Log in InSIS.
  2. Under the "Public information portal" box find "Course Catalogue".
  3. Enter the code of your course.
  4. Click on the course and you will see the syllabus.

Is there a recommended course load for Exchange students?

Yes, VSE recommends to study 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) per semester and requires minimum of 15 ECTS per semester.