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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions by the current or upcoming students.

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Discounts and Fees

How old do I need to be in order to get student discounts??
The student discounts are provided to ones, who are up to 25 years of age, including public transport.

Do I have to pay for the University ID?
Yes, IDs are issued for a fee of 290 CZK. In case you are a full-year student, you receive an ISIC card for a fee of 370 CZK with one-year validity.

Do I have to pay for the library??
Yes, the library is a paid service. However, the fee is under €1.

General Questions about Courses

What is the difference between the lecture classes and the seminar classes?
Lectures are usually given to a bigger number of students. Students sit in class, listen to the teacher and take notes. The seminars are classes in smaller groups, they are more like practising, training, calculating, performing, there are more discussions, presentations. The presence at the seminars is usually part of the final grade. Students are usually allowed two absences in a course per semester. If you are going to miss, you should let the lecturer know before. Some courses have just lectures, some just seminars and some have lectures and seminars. If a course has both the seminars and the lectures you should select the timetable for both (the seminar and the lecture).

Where can I find a course syllabus?
Please follow this path: InSIS → Public Information Portal → Course catalogue (the easiest way is using the code of the course and selecting the right academic year) → then search for your course syllabus.

If the course does not have ´in English´ in its title, what is the language of instruction?
In case the course does not have "in English" in its name, it does not necessarily mean it would be given in a different language. Some of the courses might be in German, Spanish, French or Russian, but these have it in the name or in the syllabus. Apart from the courses of the Czech language, none of the courses offered to the Exchange students is taught in Czech.

In case I have courses from different faculties, how many minutes does it take to walk from one to the other?
All the courses offered to the Exchange students are taught on one campus - Žižkov (even though the building may be different, all VSE building are connected). For more detailed information check the University Guide.

What does it mean when I have a prerequisites after selecting a course?
To find out what the prerequisites means, please, click on the name of the course and it will forward you to the syllabus of the course and there you will find out the meaning.



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What is the local Grading Scale?

University of Economics, Prague uses the following grading scale:

Grade   Points
1 Excellent 100-90
2 Very good 89-75
3 Good 74-60
4+ Fail with possibility of retake 59-50
4 Fail 49 and less

Transcript of Records states the grade achieved in each course. Should the students skipped or apologized the course it is shown at the additional Transcript of Records. What does  4+ mean?Normally, students at VŠE have only one attempt to pass their exam.  If you obtain among 50-59 points from your course, it means that you fail with the possibility of a repeat attempt. You can retake the exam. Or don't and you will fail the course.


When do I register for courses?
The course registration starts in mid-June for the following Fall semester or in January for the following Spring semester. Detailed information will be sent by email or can be found in Academic Calendar.

I am staying for the whole academic year. Do I have to pre-register for courses for Fall and Spring Semester at once?
No, the pre-registration is done before every semester separately as explained in the question above.

What does it mean if I cannot choose a timetable for a course?
The course will not be opened in the upcoming semester, please choose a different one.

What if my courses are taught at the same time?
You cannot attend two lessons at the same time. Keep one of these courses. You can replace the other one with some other course, which will be taught at a different time.

How can I change the course after the first automated registration i.e. I have the minimum amount of credits that I cannot be dropped below?
Add another course first, so you have a required amount of ECTS credits and then delete the course you do not want to take.

I did not get the courses I need/want - what am I supposed to do?
In this case, it would be advisable to follow these steps:

  1. Check the InSIS regularly. The Information System operates on rule 1st come 1st served.
  2. You can also contact the lecturers. If you do so, you can ask for an over-capacity registration permission. However, bear in mind that the permission depends solely on the lecturers and the class specifications.
  3. Try to visit the lecture during the 1st week of classes. Do not forget about the Add-drop period (refer to the Academic Calendar) during which you can change the courses. If you intend to change the course after this period, your request would not be granted.

How do I see what courses am I registered to?
See your Timetable in InSIS or you can refer to the E-index. Here is a manual on where to find the timetable (page 7).

Intensive Courses

Do I get ECTS credits for intensive courses?
You will get ECTS credits for the intensive courses. The intensive courses are proper courses, they just have a different timing.

How do I know how many ECTS credits is an intensive course worth?
Information about the intensive courses can be found the same way as for the regular courses - in the course syllabus (found in the Course Catalogue) on InSIS.

What if an intensive course overlaps with my regular courses?
It is very likely that an intensive course will overlap with some of your regular courses. Since it is not possible to be in two places at once, one of the classes is not attended in the time of the clash (usually the regular class). It is more than wise to plan the intensives carefully and if you are going to be absent, you should let the respective lecturer know before. Usually, in the regular course, there are 1-2 absences possible – but always check with your lecturer first!

How many intensive courses can I attend?
You can register a maximum of two intensive courses (per semester). Intensive courses are usually taught by visiting professors and we cannot guarantee that all courses will take place and that they will be held in a given period.

Living in VSE Dormitory

Is it possible to stay in a single room?
Yes, single rooms are available, but for a slightly higher price.

When is the earliest move in date?
The earliest move in date is 5 days before the Orientation Week starts. (Check the date in the Academic Calendar).

Is it possible to share a room with a Czech student?
It is the dormitory manager's decision who stays where and with whom. Usually, international students stay together and their Czech counterparts are in the same block of the dormitory.

When should I pay the deposit?
Deposit has to be paid before your arrival. If the deposit is not paid, the room is not booked for you. There is deadline until which you can pay the amount. An e-mail with more details should be sent from the Central Accommodation Office in advance. For more information, see the related webpage.

For more information about the VSE Dormitory, please refer here.

Communicating with the University Staff

Conversation via e-mail

  • When referring to courses in the e-mail correspondence, always state the ident (code) of the course, otherwise the conversation would be misleading.
  • Please note that lecturers use various channels to communicate with you. Mostly, they use the university mail, so please check it regularly. If you are wondering how to use this mailbox, please refer here.

Teachers´Consultation Hours
If you have specific problems or questions or you do not understand any topic of a particular course, do not hesitate to contact your lecturer in his/her Consultation Hours, which are available in InSIS (search for the teacher in "Persons at VŠE"). Teachers are there at that time to discuss your questions about courses and help you with solving any misunderstanding.

Academic Psychological Counselling

I have some specific problems and I don't know how to deal with them. Whom can I contact?
Academic Psychological Counselling offers counselling for foreign students who come to study to the Czech Republic. Don't hesitate to contact them. On this page, you can find more information.



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