14.5.2018 - 22.6.2018 - Exam period Spring semester 2018

11.6.2018 - 28.8.2018 - Pre-registration of courses


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Examination period for Exchange students

19.12.2016 3.2.2017

The exam period will be held from December 19, 2016 to February 3, 2017.

All exchange students will be given a chance to finish their exams of regular courses by end of classes, i.e. December 16,  2016. However not all the grades will be recorded in the system by then so if a student receive between 50 – 59 points as the total for a course, they will be given an opportunity to retake a final exam for this course during the exam period.  Consequently, if the students do not retake the final exam, they will be given a failing grade for the course. Exchange students can take exams also during the exam period upon previous agreement with the lecturer.