Erasmus+ Traineeships for Recent VSE Graduates

   General conditions

  • This type of traineeship can be used mainly by recent graduates who do not plan to continue his/her study at VSE in further level of study.
  • The traineeship is realized on the basis of a tripartite agreement between the student, VSE and the receiving organization/enterprise (see Learning Agreement for Traineeship). The student must enter into the agreement before finishing his/her study at VSE.
  • The traineeship must occur within one year of the student’s graduation.
  • The traineeship abroad can last from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months.
    • You can benefit from an exchange abroad with Erasmus+ multiple times, either as a student or as a trainee, but your total time abroad (study abroad periods included) may not exceed 12 months within one cycle of study.
  • The financial support (for paid as well as unpaid traineeship) can NOT be received from 2023 at all due to the limited Erasmus+ traineeship budget (not valid for traineeship approved till December 2022)


Selection of institution

  • Students must look for their foreign institution and negotiate the conditions of their stay individually.
  • For the selection of a suitable foreign institution, students can use tips for searching the traineeship abroad.
  • The traineeship can be carried out in any public or private organization operating in the labour market or in the field of education, training and youth work, non-profit organization, public entity operating on a local, regional or national level, etc., with the exception of EU bodies, institutions and other EU entities, including specialized agencies ( and organizations, that lead EU programmes (e.g. national agencies of Erasmus+).
  • Traineeships can be completed only in programme countries outside the Czech Republic and the student’s country of origin.
  • Exception has been cancelled from the academic year 2022/2023: Non-paid traineeships by the institutions representing Czech Republic in the world, such as embassy, Czech Trade, CzechInvest, Czech Tourism, Czech Centres etc. can be completed in partner countries as well (i.e. outside Europe) can NOT be carried out.
  • Students interested in graduate traineeships must send a proposal of the tripartite agreement (Learning Agreement for Traineeship) to the VSE International Office ( no later than one month before the start of the mobility and necessarily before the end of the given degree of study!


Financial Support

  • Scholarships for the graduate traineeships are provided from the Erasmus+ funds.
  • The scholarship serves as financial support for increased costs related to the stay abroad.
  • The countries are divided into groups, depending on the cost of living, which corresponds to the scholarship amount. The overview of scholarship amounts set by the Czech National Agency:
Group Country Scholarship amount/month
1 Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain 750 €
2 Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey 630 €
  • The scholarship is paid out at the beginning of the stay. In the case of mobilities lasting 3 months or more, the scholarship is paid in several instalments. Payment of the other parts of the scholarship follows in connection to the submission of the interim report.


 Obligations before the mobility

After setting up the placement in InSIS, an electronic checklist will be available to the students, which serves as a record of administrative requirements (Student’s Portal -> My College -> My College abroad).

 Obligations during and after the mobility

Contact person at VSE: Gabriela Böhmová, VSE International Office,, 224 098 528