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VSE Partner Universities

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EXPLANATORY NOTES: The majority of the European partnerships is concluded under the Erasmus programme; non-European partnerships are based directly on inter-university bilateral agreements. Please note that NOT all the institutions listed below are involved in our Student Exchange Programme. In order to know if there are currently any slots open for exchange, please check with the International Office of your home university which will also inform you about the criteria applied to selection of candidates for exchange (e. g. it may happen that the exchange slots are reserved for students of certain academic level - undergraduate/bachelor or graduate/master - or for students of a specific study programme). If you are a degree student at VŠE wishing to explore the possibilities of carrying out an exchange period abroad, please check this website or contact In case the name of the institution is written in italics and marked with an asterisk (*), it means that the respective partnership covers only teaching cooperation/mobility. Thank you for your understanding.



  flag_of_china China & Hong Kong


  30px_Flag_of_India  India

  flag_of_israel  Israel

  flag_of_japan   Japan

  flag_of_singapore  Singapore

flag_of_South_Korea  South Korea

  flag_of_Taiwan  Taiwan

  flag_of_thailand  Thailand


Australia and New Zealand

  flag_of_Australia  Australia

  flag_of_New_Zealand  New Zealand





 flag_of_Austria  Austria

 125px_Flag_of_Belgium  Belgium


  • Todor Kableshkov Higher School of Transport / Faculty of „Transport Management“*

30px-Flag_of_Croatia  Croatia

  • University of Dubrovnik*
  • University of North*
  • University of Rijeka*
  • University of Zagreb*

Flag_of_Denmark.svg  Denmark

flag_of_estonia  Estonia

flag_finland  Finland

 125px_Flag_of_France France

 flag_of_Germany  Germany

flag_of_Greece  Greece

flag_of_Hungary  Hungary

 flag_of_iceland Iceland

flag_or_Ireland  Ireland

125px-Flag_of_Italy.svg  Italy

Flag_of_Latvia  Latvia

flag_of_liechstein  Liechtenstein

30px-Flag_of_Lithuania  Lithuania

flag_of_Netherlands  Netherlands

125px_Flag_of_Norway  Norway

flag_of_Poland  Poland

flag_of_Portugal  Portugal


  • Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Napoca*

flag_of_Russia  Russia

flag_of_slovakia  Slovakia

125px_Flag_of_Slovenia  Slovenia

flag_of_Spain  Spain

125px_Flag_of_Sweden  Sweden

flag_of_switzerland  Switzerland

flag_of_turkey  Turkey

flag_of_UK  United Kingdom


Latin America

 flag_of_Argentina  Argentina

flag_of_bolivia  Bolivia

flag_of_Brasil  Brazil

flag_of_chile  Chile

flag_of_Mexiko  Mexico

flag_of_Peru  Peru

flag-of_Venezuela  Venezuela


North America

 Flag_of_Canada  Canada

flag_of_USA  U. S. A.