Become a Local Buddy – Info Meeting

Do you like meeting new people from all over the world and getting know new cultures? Would you like to help new exchange students? Do you want 10 extra points in the selection procedure for an Exchange Programme?

Don’t hesitate and come to our info meeting, where you can get information about Buddy Program and everything about being a buddy.

We have 2 info meetings, one of them is at Žižkov and the other one is at Jižní Město.

When Where
Tuesday 26. 3. – 19:45 Žižkov – NB C
Wednesday 27. 3. – 19:45 Jižní Město – JM 104

The purpose of Buddy Program is to give local students contact with exchange students and make exchange students feel better while they study here in Prague at VŠE. Also, we want to make sure they will feel like at home from their arrival.

For being a buddy, you can register from 26. 3. on this website: