Exchange Programme for VSE students (2rd year)

Study abroad opportunities are now available for 2nd year VSE students, too. The selection procedure takes place once a year, at the beginning of the current Fall semester, exchange mobility then follows in the Spring semester of the same academic year.

Next selection procedure will be held at the beginning of the Fall semester 2017/2018 and will apply to the exchange mobility in Spring semester 2017/2018.

Under this selection procedure, students can choose from the European partner universities only (program Erasmus+). The list of universities will be published till the end of August 2017 at Sharepoint. 


15. - 20. 9. 2017  Online application in InSIS
18. - 20. 9. 2017 until 15:00  Hand-in application 
22. 9. 2017

 Language knowledge test, 

14:30 - 16:00 in RB101

26. 9. 2017
 Results announcement

Selection procedure

The selection process has 1 round. Allocation of exchange destinations to applicants is point based

Round 1 Study results (percentile) 100 points
Language knowledge test 30 points
Maximum 130 points

By the term “Study results” we mean an applicant’s percentile score, which is computed within the applicant’s faculty and year of study (i.e. it compares an applicant with all his/her classmates studying at the same faculty within the same year of study).

Every student can find the percentile on our Information system, via Student’s Portal -> E-study record -> Study results comparison -> Percentile calculated from faculty and years.

All applicants for exchange have to prove that they have a certain level of knowledge of the language(s) they are planning to study in when abroad. 60% needed in order to succeed, that means at least 18 points out of 30.

The language test is an internal part of the selection procedure, all applicants have to write it. (should you miss the test, you would be excluded from further course of the selection process). There is just one test date and hour and your presence in the test room is a must.

Please note: some of the partner universities might have specific requirements concerning exchange students language knowledge, i.e. do expect exchange students to have a certain international language exam/certificate unless they are native speakers of the language in question. Information about these specific requirements is included in the catalogue of exchange destinations. If such requirement exists, you will have to present a copy of the respective language certificate already when submitting your exchange application to VŠE.

How to apply:

The online application in InSIS will be available in September 2017  (September 15 - September 20, 2017). 

Fill in an online application via our Information system (InSIS) -> Student Portal (see section My study -> My study period abroad -> Submit exchange programme application). Number of destinations which you order according to your preference is not limited. 

After submitting the application online, the form must be printed out and signed.

Enclosures/supporting materials: CV (A4), motivation letter (A4) and, if applicable, a language certificate.

The application has to be handed in with the necessary enclosures at the International Office, RB 5.floor on September 18 - September 20, 2018.


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