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This website provides information for students accepted to join the Exchange Programme at the University of Economics, Prague (VSE) in the Spring Semester 2018. We would kindly like to ask you to read this information carefully.

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Online Application to the Exchange Programme at VSE

Please carry out the whole Application procedure with special attention.

Integrated Study Information System (InSIS) and the deadlines

The Application for the Exchange Programme at VSE is to be filled in online in InSIS, which will be giving you all kinds of information you will need during your stay with us (course catalogue and syllabi, schedule of classes, registration for classes, final grades etc.).

The online Application deadline is on November 30, 2017 at 23:59 CEST.

Guidelines for the online Application

The online Application guide with pictures is available Student Application Guide

Logging into InSIS

Log into InSIS via "Log in to the Personal administration of InSIS" using your username and password (NOT identification number). These were sent to your email, which was provided by the home university.

Personal Data

The section „Application to exchange programme – add personal details“ is in the section „My Studies“. It is necessary to click on a little grey arrow in the right bottom corner of the section to see the Application:


The „Study application form“ is used for application to degree programmes and is not the correct way to go for you as you are coming within the Exchange Programme.

"Basic Info" where you enter your contact details and personal information is the first section you are going to fill in. Please leave the section Czech Embassy blank. This section only serves for non-EU citizens.

When you have filled in your personal data, you need to click on “Save entered information” button in the lower part of the Application. Clicking on this button you give us your consent to share some information about you with the Buddy System

Please double check that your name and surname, as provided by your home university, are in the correct order including middle names and spelled exactly the same way as in your passport/ID. Also check that your date of birth is correct and the day and month are in the correct order. This can be done here. These information will be displayed on documents issued by VSE hence it is important they are correct. In case you find any discrepancies in your personal data, please write us an email to exchange(at)

Pasting a photo

The “Enter photo” site can be switched to from the Basic Info site. It is essential to paste your photo (ONLY a digital passport size photo, a .jpeg file, max. 100KB, plain background) for preparing your student ID card prior to your arrival. More information about the photo can be found on this website.

There will be NO confirmation that you completed the Application. When you enter the site again, you should see the info you added before. In case you are not sure about something, you may also consult the FAQs. 

Filling in the online Application is necessary for you to be accepted as an Incoming Exchange Student to VSE. Do not apply to any faculty separately and do not pay any fee for an admission. The fee is only paid by students applying to full degree programmes at VSE and is not refundable.

Letter of Acceptance

After the Application has been processed in the system, the Letter of Acceptance will be ready for download from the Document Storage in InSIS. The document can only be downloaded by the student.

The student will be notified by email that the Letter of Acceptance has been uploaded in InSIS.


For information about the dormitories in general, application for accommodation etc., please click here. Be careful with the deadlines. For exchange students who apply and pay the deposit on time, there is a reserved place in the dormitory.

If you prefer not to stay in the dormitories, you are welcome to search for your own accommodation.

Course offer for Spring Semester 2018

The provisional list of courses for Spring Semester 2018 will be published during November 2017. For now please refer to this website.

The final list of courses is usually available only when the course registration period starts, which will be in January 2018. The lists of courses for the Fall and for the Spring semester tend to be similar. For more details see the List of Courses for Exchange Programme.

Here you can find information about the process of the course registration.

Academic Calendar

Students are required to attend the Orientation Week which starts on February 5, 2018.

Here you can find the Academic Calendar.

Facebook Group

There is a Facebook group called "Exchange/Erasmus at University of Economics, Prague" established for you and your czech Buddies by our Buddy System. Please do not hesitate to share your feelings, worries and experiences with your counterparts. Another Facebook profile you may use for gaining information is "Incoming Exchange Students VSE".


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