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Nomination and Application Procedure

Nomination time schedule

The nomination website is accesible for the Exchange coordinators in the following periods:

Nomination deadline Fall Semester 2017/ Full Year Students 2017/2018 Spring Semester 2018
Non-EU students April 15, 2017 October 1, 2017
EU students May 1, 2017 November 1, 2017

All nominated students must fill in their online application upon receiving an informative e-mail. The application periods are as follows:

Application deadline Fall Semester 2017/ Full Year Students 2017/2018 Spring Semester 2018
 Non-EU students May 15, 2017 October 15, 2017
 EU students May 30, 2017  November 30, 2017 

Applications after the deadline cannot be accepted.

Nomination and Application Procedure

Only students from our Partner universities can apply for the Exchange Programme at University of Economics, Prague. The nomination procedure is done online on the following website: and consists of two parts:





The nomination website will be accessible for you from March 2017. The deadline for nominations for Fall Semester 2017 is on April 15, 2017 (for non-EU students) and May 1, 2017 (for EU students). The nomination procedure is to be done at the following website. You log into the Personal administration of InSIS and enter your username and password received by email.

Once you logged in you go to Study System-International Office, then to Student Mobility-Visiting and finally to Nomination of students-International Office:
Fall Semester 2017 (FS2017) - for students coming for FS2017 and Full Year 2017/2018. 
Spring Semester 2018 (SS2018) - for students coming for SS2018.

For each nominated student, please fill in the following data: 1. First Name 2. Surname 3. Date of Birth ( 4. Email Address 5. Length of Stay 6. Sex 7. Number of semesters completed at university before 8. Type of Study (Bachelor/Master).

For more help, follow this picture guide.

Each nominated student will be added to the table of your current nominations for the respective period. The nomination of EU students can be edited or deleted by you during the whole nomination period, the non-EU students will be processed immediately due to visa procedure.

We would like to encourage the non-EU coordinators to nominate their students as soon as possible and not to change their nominations once they have been completed. The nomination deadline for non-EU students is April 15, 2017. The visa application time imposes a great time pressure on us to issue all the neccessary documents on time. Not changing the nomination will help the students be on time with their visa issues.


Adding personal details + photo

At the beginning of the application period, each nominated student will receive an informative email message with his/her username and password to access the application website - "Application to exchange programme – add personal details". The students have to fill in their applications on the above mentioned site as soon as possible. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2017 (for non-EU students) and May 30, 2017 (for EU students). All nominated students have to fill in their online Applications; otherwise they can not be accepted to the Exchange programme at the University of Economics, Prague.

For more help follow this picture guide

Prospective Exchange students are asked not to fill in the "Study application form".

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