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Who can apply for the Exchange Programme at University of Economics, Prague?

Only students from our Partner universities can apply for the Exchange Programme.


How can I nominate myself for an Exchange stay?

Exchange students are nominated by the coordinators of their home universities via our information system InSIS. Once they are processed in our system they receive an email with their log in to InSIS and are asked to fill in their personal data and to decide whether want us to book the dormitories for them or not.


Are there any language requirements or certificate for the Exchange Programme?

No, there are no language requirements. We trust our partner universities in nominating students with adequate language knowledge (B2 level recommended).


Which courses do you offer for Exchange students?

The final offer of courses for each semester is published in the pre-registration, which starts in June for Fall semester and in January for Spring semester. The course offer tends to be relatively stable in both Fall and Spring semesters however it may differ slightly according to current offer.  

See this page for more information.


Where can I find a course syllabus?
Please follow this path: InSIS –> Study information -> Catalogue of courses and then search for your course syllabus (the easiest way – use code of the course and select the right academic year).


Do you propose accommodations for exchange students?

We have dormitories for Exchange students, for more information please visit this page.


My university is not VSE partner university. Can I come to study at University of Economics, Prague?

If your university is not one of our partner universities, you can come to study at our university as a Freemover.
Freemovers are studying on our university throught CESP programme.


Do you offer a czech language courses for foreigners?

University of Economis, Prague offers courses mainly for students who would like to study (bachelor, master, Ph.D. programmes in czech) at our university. For more information check this page.